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What is that? DasKeyboard? Why are there numbers, then?

Take a closer look, those aren't ABS keycaps:
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PETAtards, no need to get disgusted! Please click here for your safe exit!

As much as I love my Cherry Browns, the truth is that typing on them all day is the same banging-your-fingers-on-hard-plastic experience that any 12₪ keyboard tourtures one with. Sure, the _bottom_ of the stroke is much improved, but what about the top, and what about the way down? The whole way down all I do is dream of pleasures of the flesh, so today I made that dream a reality. That's right, flesh on my buttonplank. Flesh.

This wasn't my first time. However, that keyboard was a worn out rubber dome keyboard and I only enleathered the home row. This time, I've done all the alphas except F and J so that I could feel my way around. I'll get around to the rest of the alpha block next week I hope. I hardly ever touch any of the other keys (VIM and Vimperator user, with ESC remapped to CapsLock), so I won't bother with those.

So, how does it feel? It feels like leather. The keys are soft, and the pressure of pressing the keys is distributed much more evenly across the fingertip. The top of the stroke is much more gentle, with no sudden bang of soft finger hitting hard keycap. By the time the Cherry Brown registers a keypress there is already 55 grams of force pushing on the leather and it is completely compressed, so the tactile feel of the key is completely transmitted to the user. I also put on of the keycaps on a Cherry Blue just to see how it feels. Oh, wow! If Blues were to register at 30 grams instead of 60 I'd swap them in a minute at any price. The combination of the leather and the Blue tactile click is like the combination of a V8 and dual exhaust. Like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Like the combination of maple syrup and autoasphyxiation. Er, forget about that last one.

Looks awesome!  Have you conditioned the leather in case of rain?

I know you mentioned feel, but how does the leather affect sound?  I notice sound can be affected by using a different keycap nevermind a leather-bound one!

I haven't conditioned the leather but if rain falls on my keyboard then the leather keycaps won't be my only problem!

The sound has surprisingly not changed much. The Blues are a bit muted but the Browns sound the same. I just now tried bottoming out, it is muffled just a tiny bit.

Oh, boy, how I wish Ripster was here to comment on this one.

iMav might as well start a Fetish Keyboards forum right now.  This is the future we are seeing, people.

Personally, I prefer latex.


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