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[TMK] HHKB Alt Controller with Mini-B/Type-C connector

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Do you have an alternative to MHV AVR for the compiler? The link appears to be dead. There are versions out there but the one I tried gave me errors when I  tried to compile my hex file.

You can download GCC compiler from Atmel site.

I'll update that link and description of how to install on WIndows later, thank you.

Thanks! I got it working. On the cygwin install, which packages are needed?

Probably you need 'make'(under Devel category). I think other general commands are already installed from the begining, like 'sh', 'cp', 'rm' and 'rmdir'.

Just installed my controller but have a slight bulge in my case despite screwing it back in and clips being seemingly engaged. There is a plastic Ring around the ribbon cable, where abouts should this sit when folding the cable up against the PCB, the middle?

Edit: seem to have fixed this by pushing it right the way up to the controller like the picture in the top of the OP


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