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TMK converters translate various old keyboard protocol into USB so that you can use your old keyobard with modern computer.

Feel free to post any questions and suggestions in this thread

All converters are regularly in stock as of 2023-09-23.

ConverterSupported keyboardConnectorUSBPriceDescriptionIBMPC[AT/XT]AT, XT, PS/2*DIN-5(180)Micro-B$36You can use adapter for PS/2 keyboard and mouseIBMPC[Terminal]AT with CodeSet3DIN-5(240)Micro-B$36Suits for IBM Terminal Keyboard Model F122 (and Model M122?)IBMPC[PS/2]PS/2, AT*, XT*Mini-DIN-6Type-C$34You can use adapter for AT and XT.(XT Type1 is not supported) Also with Y-splitter cable you can use two devices.ADBADB(Apple and others)Mini-DIN-4Type-C$34Mouse is also supported.NeXTNeXT non-ADBMini-DIN-5Type-C$34X68KSharp X68000Mini-DIN-7Type-C$34PC98NEC PC9800Mini-DIN-8Type-C$34SUNSUNMini-DIN-8Type-C$34Suits for Type-4 and Type-5 keyboards.ArchimedesArchimedesMini-DIN-6Type-C$34For Acorn Archimedes keyboardsM0110[Phone]Apple M0110,M0110AModular 4P4CMicro-B$47Shipped with phone handset cable(Crossover) like this. You cannot use original Apple keyboard cable with this.M0110[Original]Apple M0110,M0110AModular 4P4CMicro-B$47Shipped without cable. You need healthy original Apple keyboard cable(Straight).IBM4704IBM4704DE-9(DB-9)Micro-B$44Connector with Imperial-pitch threaded studsNEWSNEWS(Sony)DE-9(DB-9)Type-C$44Connector with Metric-pitch threaded studsUSB-USBUSB HID BootUSB Type-AType-A$60Check this also to place an order.

Converters with DIN and Mini-DIN connector look like this.

For USB-USB Converter see this thread.

How to order
Email me to let me know which converter you want and your country. I'll send you Paypal invoice soon.

My email is:

Please check this notes for shipping cost.

Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email. You'll be able to make a payment with credit card on Palpal even if you don't have Paypal account.

Lead Time
The converters will be shipped usually in several working days and you will receive email with tracking number from Japan Post. Check junk mail folder of your email used for the payment first if you can't find the email from Japan Post. Email me if you don't get tracking number within 10 working days after payment.

Online Keymap Editor
You can edit keymap on TMK Keymap Editor with web browser. Google Chrome is recommended web browser for this.

ADB: ○
NeXT: ○
X68K: ○
PC98: ○
SUN: ○
Archimedes: soon
M0110: ○
IBM4704: ○
NEWS: soon

How to flash firmware
To turn into flash mode press tiny button on converter PCB.
You will have to select microcontroller in flash tool like Atmel FLIP or dfu-programmer.

See this for detail:

USB-USB and IBMPC: ATMega32u4
Other converters: ATMega32u2

TMK firmware
Converter firmware source codes are available here.

Support & FAQ

2015/05/26 Ordered MAX3421e chips for USB-USB
2015/07/13 Updated M0110 keymap editor(for Rev.1)
2015/07/15 [USB to USB] Added locking key indicator support and fix for rollover error
2015/11/02 [USB to USB] restocked
2016/01/13 Added keymapeditor for USB to USB Converter
2016/03/18 [IBM4704] Converter for internal connection is available
2016/04/11 Revised prices(USB-USB: 50->55, M0110/IBM4704: 40-> 42, MiniDIN: 30->32)
2016/05/07 new IBM 4704 external converter
2016/08/16 Revised price of M0110 converter 42->45
2016/09/17 Keymap editor is available for USB-USB, ADB, PS/2, M0110 and NeXT now
2016/09/30 Keymap editor is available for IBM4704 now
2017/05/08 Keymap editor is available for X68000 now
2017/06/06 Added note for shipping to Canada
2018/01/19 Fix lag problem on ADB-USB converter
2018/04/27 Added keymap editor support for IBM4704 50-key.
2018/07/06 Updated firmware of USB-USB converter to fix startup issue
2018/09/08 Shipping to Canada is no problem now. Removed caveat.
2020-04-22 New IBMPC convererter firmware is available for PS/2 and Terminal converter.
2020-04-22 Keymap Editor is available for SUN converer now.
2021-03-29 Revised shipping rate
2021-04-15 Reorganized content of first page
2023-11-23 Update Sony NEWS converter. USB connector is Type-C now.
2024-01-28 Update note for shipping

Old descriptions:

Mini-DIN type Converters
These coverters are equivalent in terms of hardware except for Mini-DIN connector.

Its dimension is around 27mm * 41mm and height is 18mm including Mini-DIN connector.

ADB Converter(4pin)
For Apple ADB keyboards.

TMK keymap editor is available.
for ADB Converter

Mini-DIN 4P connector for ADB

NeXT Converter(5pin)

TMK keymap editor is available.
for NeXT Converter

Mini-DIN 5P connector for NeXT

PS/2 Converter(6pin)

TMK keymap editor is available.
for PS/2 Converter

Mini-DIN 6P connector for PS/2

Now new ibmpc_usb converter firmware is also available for PS/2 Converter. 2020-04-22

Sharp X68000(X68K) Converter(7pin)

TMK keymap editor is available.
for X68000(X68K) Converter

Mini-DIN 7P connector for X68K

SUN Converter(8pin)
SUN Type-4 and Type-5 keyboard would be supported.

Mini-DIN 8P connector for SUN

Keymap Editor is now available. 2020-04-22

NEC PC9800(PC98) Converter(8pin)

Mini-DIN 8P connector for PC98

IBM Terminal Converter(pin6)
IBMPC/AT Code Set 3 converter

Now new ibmpc_usb converter firmware is also available for the converter. 2020-04-22

Apple Macintosh M0110 Converter
This supports Macintosh 128K/512K keyboard(M0110), keypad(M0120) and Mac Plus keyboard(M0110A).

The converter looks like the pic and includes detachable coiled 4P4C cable. The cable supplied with the converter, it is a 4P4C telephone handset calble which differs from original Apple keyboard cable. Note that you *cannot* use Apple keyboard cable with this converter, it may damage your keyboard with reverse polarity power lines. Please refer to this for detail.

Dimensions of the converter is around 27mm*59mm*16mm excluding cable.

4P4C plug and socket for M0110 Converter

TMK keymap editor is available.
New editor(recommended):
for M0110(Mac 128K/512K)
for M0110A(Mac Plus)

You can hook up M0110 and M0120 to the converter at same time. Note that you have to use original Apple keyobard cable to connect between the two keyboards.

IBM4704 Converter

Converter for all of IBM4704 variants(50, 62, 77, 107-key) as well as 102-key Alps switch models(Pingmaster).
IBM capacitive switch model P/N: 6019273, 6019284, 6019303, 6020218
Alps switch model P/N: 5954339, 6112883, 6112884, 6341739, 6113442

Its dimension is around 32mm*64mm*18mm.

TMK keymap editor is available.
for IBM Capacitive switch 62/77/107-key 50-key(new!)
for Alps switch 102-key

Sony NEWS converter


TMK keymap editor is not available yet.

Design Files
Converter PCB design files are available, you can make it yourself.

Converter PCB for Min-DIN type

Converter PCB for USB to USB

Old Converters
Not available anymore, but TMK firmware still supports these converters.
If you are one of these and have trouble with them contact me, I can help you.

Rev.1 Converter

USB-USB converter
I ordered five MAX3421e chips at an Aliexpress shop for USB-USB converter, it will take several weeks to come up to me.
After got those chips I'll assemble the converters and decide its price.


Can we reserve a spot for the USB-USB converter?


--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Tue, 26 May 2015, 21:54:27 ---Can we reserve a spot for the USB-USB converter?

--- End quote ---

Yes, just post here or PM me.

I have to decide the price later due to final cost calc, but you can cancel it if you don't like the final price.
The price will be around 40-50USD, probably.


--- Quote from: hasu on Tue, 26 May 2015, 22:01:44 ---
--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Tue, 26 May 2015, 21:54:27 ---Can we reserve a spot for the USB-USB converter?

--- End quote ---

Yes, just post here or PM me.

I have to decide the price later due to final cost calc, but you can cancel it if you don't like the final price.
The price will be around 40-50USD, probably.

--- End quote ---
I have a leopold keypad that doesn't send true numpad scan codes, I'm thinking I could theoretically fix that with your converter yes?


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