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In the wake of recent fugu cloning creating a panic in the streets of downtown Buford, Wyoming HWS freaked the crumb cake out and have started to implement security measures.

Absolutely final form of HWS Authentication Cards (honest this time) -


* Instant photos show a unique image of our doggos and of your keycap.  Wow.
* Locally sourced paper.
* Hand stamped, written, embossed, and sealed with multiple pigmented inks.
* Hand-written details in a sexy UV reactive ink cocktail that can be traced back to my bucking ink bottle. NEAT.
* All items bound together by eyelet for optional ring storage.  Authentication package is also credit card dimensions.
Supporting photos,

Special thanks to... a_vicarious_death, Beehatch, Kenmai9, Klarkuro, and zearoh for their donations to support authenticating the remainder of R1 and all of R2's Photochromic Mystery Mayhem sale.  Beehatch and Klarkuro's donation will also be used to help original owners of R1 Photochromic keys attain authentication cards for their keys.

More details into authenticating previous works coming soon^tm!

Hooray for R1 users :D

Awesome work Binge :thumb: Very professional looking, and I can tell a lot of thought was put into the design.

Thanks again to those who funded authentication work of the previously made caps!

cool beans

Binge, you win the award for best Artisan Authenticity. Cheers, man!! :thumb:


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