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« on: Mon, 15 April 2024, 07:23:01 »
So this is where the rabbit hole of keebs takes you...
For a few years I've had a couple of split keyboards and never really had time to look any further.
But now I finally started picking up my old(and new) hobbies again which is electronics, 3d printing, CAD design and programming.
And what do you know.. DIY keyboard is a perfect project for that. Ish.. It's a perfect project after picking up some other easier projects...
And here I am, for a few weeks now stuck in a planning stage of it. Can't settle on final decisions. Can't place an order for parts with more than 20% efficiency. etc, etc.
However I am very excited to see this scattered but big community!
I don't have quick win expectations, so trying to stay positive, taking one day at a time and hope to find some of those answers here.

That said,
Hi everyone!