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Introducing ePBT Creative Studio, a keycap set inspired by and featuring sublegends for your favourite creative tools. The set comprises dark grey alpha keys and two themed modifiers sets: a sky blue and navy PS theme, and an orange and maroon AI theme. ISO-UK is supported in the base alphas kit, and NorDe support provided via an extension kit. An extensive Nomad kit provides support for 40% and ortholinear keyboard layouts when paired with either alphas kit.

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Manufacturer: EnjoyPBT
Keycaps: PBT reverse dye-sublimation


Itís been a long wait, but Iíve finally received the first set of samples from EnjoyPBT. See below for more details!

Apologies to everyone whoís been patiently waiting for updates. Like pretty much everyone working on a project manufactured by EnjoyPBT using their new reverse dyesub process, Iíve been hit by delays as they finished their mould. Unfortunately I didnít use the downtime as productively as I could (as far as this project goes at least ó I did move house!) and so once news came that they were ready to start making samples, I revisited my project and realised there were quite a few things I needed to improve.

The biggest of these is that in order to make kitting changes easier I decided to undertake the substantial work to move from using Illustrator to Figma. This has made it much easier for me to make changes to individual legends or keys, and have the changes filter out across all the kits and layouts that use those keys. Most recently I undertook the (considerable) work of moving from key-specific SVG legends (think: a single graphic per key) to individual components per symbol, or Ďglyphí (e.g. a specific component for the exclamation mark); this made it easier to ensure that different keys which used the same symbol in the primary, secondary or tertiary location always had the symbol in the same relative position. It also made it easier for me to update all instances of a single glyph whenever I tweaked it (and this has happened a few times).

So, my patient reader, whatís changed? Well, in addition to a number of changes based on feedback from members of this community, I have also revisited the kitting for 40s users (the Ďnomadí kit), and substantially overhauled international language support. In place of a single NorDe kit including AltGr keys for all colour schemes, AltGr keys have moved into their respectively-themed modifier kits, and the actual language support has been overhauled. NorDe is now NorDe++ and includes support for Danish, Estonian, Faroese, German, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish & Finnish. There are two additional new language kits: French & Belgian-French, and Italian, Spanish & Portuguese, the latter including support for common keys in Latin America, and Brazil-Portuguese.

One major change which required a fair bit of testing was ensuring that international kits had the right icon sublegends for the key in that locationís behaviour when using that languageís layout. Particularly the minus and plus keys on the number row, which are used for the remove/add anchor point tool respectively, as these retain that functionality for whatever key is in that location, rather than following the minus and plus keys to their alternate location.

With a mammoth twenty kits to manage now, Iím eschewing renders of every single kit for the moment, and will instead focus future renders on providing previews of the kits in use on a variety of boards, as well as some renders in neutral lighting for colour matching purposes. Hopefully this approach will communicate everything interested parties need to see about the kitting, and separate renders will do their own respective job.

Finally, I do have other irons in the fire, and a number of collaborations and complementary items that will form part of the group buy. Keep your eyes peeled for a future update with news about artisans and other goodies soon!

I don't currently have the time to update my renders, but a future update will make a few changes which were proposed by folks on here (most notably, I'll be removing F keys from the neutral modifiers kit, since these are duplicated across the base alpha kits). For those who have been asking when they'll get to see this in group buy: first of all thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm! It's genuinely exciting to see my design get such a reception. As yet EnjoyPBT haven't been in a position to quote for the sets, and since I'm moving house soon this has become something of a lower priority. As soon as I've moved (and have working internet again!) I will be back to focusing on getting this to the group buy stage.

By popular demand, Iíve added two new kits: a Neutral Modifiers kit with all-grey modifiers, and a sublegend-less Alphas kit.

Thank you to everyone for the really enthusiastic response, and the many helpful suggestions and observations. Iíve been working hard to make changes to try and address the most common bits of feedback, and have updated the kitting images accordingly:

* Substantially reworked Modifiers and Modern kits; all modifiers are icon-based now, and as a result the Modern kit has shrunk (since a lot of keys would otherwise have been duplicated)
* Removed media key sublegends from the F-row keys in the Modifier kits, and added their equivalents to the Modern kits.
* Added F-row keys to to Alphas kit to permit alternating F-row colours (if you like that)
* Added an extra B key to the Alphas kit to support Alice users (and removed it from Nomad kits)
* Moved some Mac-specific keys from Alphas to Modern kits
* Added tilde and pipe keys to both modifier sets
* Changed Numlock key to be an icon modifier in the Numpad kits
* Merged the two NorDe kits into a single kit with both mod colours; also, replaced AltGr with a new icon legend
* Substantially reworked the Nomad kits to better support 40s users. Too many changes to list, but hopefully youíll see something more to your liking if youíre a 40% user and want to pick up just the alphas and nomad kits
* Substantially revisited the Novelties kits. A lot of people raised concerns about the Ai and Ps icon novelties, and Iíve taken the decision to remove these to ensure the kit wonít have any legality issues. Iíve also changed many of the 1U novelties in each kit to be more app-specific.


Note that Iím still missing an Orange/Maroon accent key sample, and the grey sublegend on the G key is the same colour as the legend (it should be a darker shade of grey). Overall Iím very happy with the progress though, and I hope you agree they look good!

*Revised 2021-03-15**Revised 2021-03-16***Revised 2021-09-20
NEW Base***

NEW Base without sublegends***

NEW PS Modifiers Kit***

NEW AI Modifiers***

NEW Neutral Modifiers***

NEW PS Numpad***

NEW AI Numpad***

NEW Neutral Numpad***

NEW PS Modern***

NEW AI Modern***

NEW Neutral Modern***

NEW PS Nomad***

NEW AI Nomad***

NEW Neutral Nomad***

NEW Spacebars***

NEW PS Novelties***

NEW AI Novelties***

NEW NorDe++***

NEW French/Belgian-French***

NEW Italian/Spanish/Portuguese***

Older kit renders

MoreAlphas Base Kit*

Neutral Alphas Kit**

Modifiers PS*

Modifiers AI*

Modifiers Neutral**

Numpad PS*

Numpad AI*

Modern PS*

Modern AI*


Nomad PS*

Nomad AI*

Spacebars PS

Spacebars AI

Novelties PS*

Novelties AI*


Deskmat Accent

Deskmat PS

Deskmat AI


Pillow65 by KeliumWorks

Bloq by THOK

Older renders


Dalco 959 Mini by Hand Engineering x Dalesnail

Haus by Hand Engineering

Isometria 75 by ebastler



Please get in touch if youíre interested in working on a collaboration.


Proxy Vendors
I have vendors lined up for all of the following regions; if youíre a vendor representing another region that doesnít substantially overlap with one of these and are interested in acting as proxy for ePBT Creative Studio, please feel free to get in touch!

North America: TBAMexico: TBAChile: TBACanada: TBAEurope: TBAUK: TBAChina: kbdfans :)SE Asia: TBAOceania: TBD

Many thanks to everybody who provided feedback, tips and assistance, in particular NoPunIn10Did and DrHigsby for much assistance with kitting, and ImperfectLink for the magic that is Keyboard Render Kit.

Please show your support for this set by adding this signature to your forum profile:

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love the font on this. can the norde kits be combined? glwic nonetheless

Love this, a very very creative set. no pun intended  :-X

this is so cool. i love it


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