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Better pics

Note: Self made, not affiliated with LZ

So pretty much everyone on this forum knows I absolutely love the LZ-S. But the design is almost 10 years old and even I have to admit it's pretty outdated and not nearly as luxurious as the latest designs. For those who don't know, the LZ-S bottom is literally just a flat piece of steel with a bar screwed across the back. As you can imagine this makes for a very hollow sounding and feeling experience. So it's always been a dream of mine to create a new bottom piece and it's finally here.

Introducing LZ-SSR!

SSR as in the "Specially Super Rare" tier from gacha games, but also from the board inspirations LZ-S, LZ-SE, and LZ-RE. Or LZ-S, Sifo's Remake. Honestly it doesn't officially stand for anything.

After a lot of trial and error trying to reverse engineer the bottom piece with VintKeys, my dumb ass got the idea to just ask LZ for the dimensions. After that, with the help of BlindAssassin111 I was able to turn that dream into a 3D file, and very shortly after a one-off production piece.

I'm sorry for the bad pics I really wanted to do a nice photoshoot with a real photographer friend but the Covid situation is bad in Ontario. I WAS TOO EXCITED TO EVEN CHECK FOCUS >_>

As you can see the inside remains the same, just a flat piece in order to be compatible with the original top piece.

Of course I got the inspiration from the various "grill" bottoms from early customs, like the LZ-SE, except I wanted a personalized twist to it.

The "wave bottom" is inspired by the dials from Omega SMP watch dials. I did opt to use the original SJ5312 bumpons.

These ****ing waves took 5-6 hours because SOLIDWORKS really didn't wanna cooperate.

But I love the attention to detail for the screw holes and the bumpon cutouts, nicely integrated with the wave bottom.

Fits perfectly!

The top you've seen a million times.

So here's what I forgot to take a proper pic of, but this is the side angle (7 deg). Partially inspired by the dress of my Elzy mascot (we've come full circle) and also the LZ-SE and LZ-RE.

The side is actually stepped like the RE but I wanted to make another "wave" sort of look to it rather than how the RE was done.

I don't do sound tests so there won't be one but I can say it definitely feels more "solid" being a CNC'd piece of aluminum. Far less hollow sounding and feeling. It feels even bouncier than before. Overall I'm super happy with how it turned out, I spent far more on this than I spent for the board back in 2013. Absolutely worth it and big shout out to BA111 again for working with me on this, they really did ALL the work and I can't thank them enough.

Also not giving out the file so don't ask :-X

extremely cool project

surprised you didn't get the bottom ano'd blue to match


--- Quote from: Puddsy on Wed, 21 April 2021, 18:05:59 ---extremely cool project

surprised you didn't get the bottom ano'd blue to match

--- End quote ---

it's really dark blue like the 2531.80 dial, there's jut no light in my room. Original bottom was black so I wanted to keep the light on dark contrast.

ah damn that's really cool. i do like that wavy side profile.


--- Quote from: naasfu on Wed, 21 April 2021, 18:35:40 ---ah damn that's really cool. i do like that wavy side profile.

--- End quote ---

hopefully i can get a buddy to help me do a real photoshoot to show it off properly in the near future, so sad y'all only get potatoes


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