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[IC] Typ 60 - 60% keyboard with interchangeable SS blockers Round 4 Prototyping

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Typ 60 by axiöm studios

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- Typ 60 IC Check Form -

Typ 60 Development Roadmap

Prototyp V1            Concept draft to incorporate multiple blocker setup on a 60% board. / CompletedProven of concept and lacking of internal weight to create a balance acoustic. Prototyp V2            Revise color to Angelite Blue.Blockers added alignment pins to cop with it sitting flush against the case.Added weight on the back to create more balance typing experience. Added Geon 60% feetTested 1.2mm pcb with full slit cut plate Prototyp V3            Added color Titanium SIlverPrototyp for GMK Mictlan Collab, Kneedeep patina weight completedRework on Geon 60% feet's alignmentTested 1.6mm pcb with full slit cut plate Test CF plate with rib support to coop with bounciness on "B" key.Prototyp V4            Rework on internal machining tolerance.


A 60% keyboard featuring interchangeable stainless steel blockers for different layout configuration (WK, WKL, HHKB). The board uses O-ring gasket mount design similar to the OTD 356 mini with minimal compression, a stainless steel weight and blockers all round and rubber strip feet from Geonworks.

The design was previously archived back in July 2021 as we chose to run the Typ 65+ groupbuy first. It had went thru multiple revision and prototype in course of 6 months and finally ready for an interest check before going for in-stock sale after Typ 65+ is fulfilled.

Actual pictures of Protoyp V3 for titanium silver and angelite blue




Typ 60 x GMK Mictlán details

As part of collaboration with GMK Mictlán and Kneedeep Patina, we are ready to announce that total of 10 units will be made available as ready stock raffle later this year exclusively for supporters who joined GMK Mictlán groupbuy which is still currently running from 3rd June 2022 to 1st July 2022.

For more information you may refer to GMK Mictlán keycap set designed by our good friend Vheissu  :-

Actual Prototype with IRL Flame Copper Patina by Kneedeep
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Actual pictures of Protoyp V2 (Angelite Blue) with GMK Taro (light mods kit)
WK layout

WKL layout

HHKB layout

WKL layout in Lapis Blue

Side profile V1 vs V2

Bottom view V1 vs V2

Back and bottom view


New blocker design - Potential V3 prototype pending (Prototype completed)
MoreAs we had good suggestion to go with non two step design for our blocker, we had made some changes on this and here are the renders.

WK - Not changed from previous design



Case specification

* Designed by 14x71
* 6063 aluminium
* 7 degree angle
* O-ring gasket mount
* 16.60 front height
* Sandblasted and coated stainless steel weight and blockers (top, WK, WKL, HHKB)
* Recessed screw and cutout for custom bumpon provided by Geonworks
* Twill carbon fiber plate (full)
* Weight: Approx 1.5kg unbuilt w/o plate (depends on what blockers you used
* Color: Titanium Silver / Angelite Blue (light blue)
The mounting system

The goal of the Typ 60 O-ring mount is to not have it pressure mounted from the sides instead it will just sit on the mounting points and the pcb and plate will be held together by the top blockers with minimal compression. This helps us to make full use of the O-ring softness/elasticity properties without it being too compressed, providing a softer and bouyant typing feel

PCB specification

* Designed by Kopibeng
* QMK and VIA compatible
* Solder PCB
* Universal layout supports 6.25U, 7U and ISO (refer to picture below)
* USB-C daughterboard (ai03 unified C3 DB)
* 1.2mm with OTD 365 mini flex and relief cut style PCB(tentative 1.2mm/1.6mm)
* Red solder mask (tentative)
* PCB/Plate supported layout

Parts and Internals

Transparent view of the case

Exploded view render

Exploded view w/o pcb and o-ring

PCB and plate

Kitting configuration includes

* CNC keyboard case (Anodized)
* Stainless steel weight (Sandblasted and coated)
* Stainless steel blockers WK, WKL and HHKB (Sandblasted and coated)
* Twill carbon fiber plate (Full plate)
* Custom strip rubber feet by Geonworks
* Solderable PCB + daughterboard
* Misc kit screws and o-rings (duro tentative)
* Full set of genuine cherry clip-ins stabilizers /w 6.25U and 7U wires
* Custom hard carrying case /w custom cutout to store all blockers

Carrying case with custom cutout and etc/

Sales format

* In-stock sales - 120 units @ (Somewhere between Q4 2022-Q1 2023)
* FCFS in-stock sales FCFS/Raffle (Most likely FCFS which but ill leave it tentative as for now
* Price: 450 USD________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Typing test (Youtube/archived from my VOD)

Stock poseidon switches (Linear) with CF plate
Dark jades lubed on stem (Tactiles) with CF plate
Titanium Silver with JWICK full nylon blacks vs JWICK full nylon T1
Typ 60 x GMK Mictlán x Kneedeep edition with JWICK full nylon blacks
Titanium Silver with JWICK full nylon T1


MoreQ: Why no other plate design or material?
A: It's an in-stock sales hence i would prefer not to stock other plate in various material. However, files will be release to the public after the sales and yes we love CF since 2020.

Q: Why offer all blockers? Can I choose what I want?
A: Actually previously my thought that I would offer blockers based on user selection, but offering in stock would be difficult to gauge how many of you wanted certain blocker. Hence, since we had plans to change the design of the blocker. At most we would offer fixed WK and WKL as a kit and HHKB as optional as it is where the design clashes with.

Q: What did you change in V2?
A: Added weight on the back, change how the interior design and added alignment pins, try out different colors and also shorter ledge on the side.

Q: What did you change in V3?
A: New blockers, and some internal fine tune adjustment made.


Special thanks to

Elaine from SingaKBD
Geon from Geonworks
Lbaron from Smith and Runes
Folks who supported us along the way and attended gathering to test out the Typ 60 proto (was quite a bit of fun)

27/02 - Prototyp V3 /w new blockers and some internal changes under queue to be machined. (ETA next review March - April)
28/02 - New prototyp plate with rib cuts added for Prototyp V3 plate
01/03 - Extra prototyp pcb 1.6mm / 1.2mm order will be placed upcoming week for V3

Great IC! Looking forward to the in-stock GB!  :heart:

P.S. I am the first.

Simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing ! I absolutely love 60% !

Can't wait for the in-stock sales to grab one for myself, good luck axiöm studios and all the best for this project !

I want one so bad


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