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[IC] OSAv2 - PC Alice w/ MX and Topre PCBs!!!

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thanks for topre alice


--- Quote from: The0rigina1 on Fri, 17 June 2022, 16:48:42 ---ne full pic of the board avail

--- End quote ---

Are the ones shown in the full album missing any specific angle you would like to see? I can look into getting more angles if need be.

How would the GB be run for the public side?


--- Quote from: nostr on Fri, 17 June 2022, 17:24:07 ---How would the GB be run for the public side?

--- End quote ---

That is something I did forget to include, Thank you for the reminder.

Current plan is FCFS, I don't have a good system setup for a fair raffle so I will probably avoid that entirely.

Topre + alice = <3


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