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Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to present to you a simple BoW (WS1 & CR) set with Cyrillic Alphas and Icon+Text modifiers . This is inspired by Tom's  Beige and WoB Cyrillic that ran a litle while ago , before publishing the IC I have made sure to get permission to run this from the designer .
Interest Check Form
USA: Mechs & Co
Other Regions : TBD
Timeline: Q3 2022
Pricing: TBD
Info on the sublegends
This set will be using the same doubleshot sublegends as GMK Beige & WoB Cyrillic :
- grave, Q, W, E, U, I, O, P, ], A, S, G, K, L, semi-colon, apostrophe, Z, X, B, M, comma, period: all using T0mb3ry's mono Cyrillics as sublegends
- R, T, Y, [, D, F, H, J, C, V, N: all using Cherry Latin as sublegends
- the '/' tertiary legend on the pipe key has been put in the top right to be more accurate to the way it's used
- ň position changed to bottom right of the keycap to be consistent with the rest of the Cyrillic. This is a change that Cherry made in their later Cyrillic boards that hasn't translated through to a lot of modern sets.


Extension | Pending Cherry approval to use their logo


TGR Jane V2 CE by Yuktsi

Frog Mini by Geonworks

Ciel by Chickenman

Update Log :

7/7/2022 : Kitting Changes
Extension : Added Macro keys

4/7/2022 : Kitting Changes
Base: Added 3 key 40's support (r2 1.75u backspace , r3 1.5u enter , r3 1.25u tab) . Changed numpad to include navigation sublegends .
Extension: Removed the duplicate backspace and tab , removed Alt Gr as I decided I will keep regular Alt in base .
Spacebars: Added a second 1.75c spacebar .

3/7/2022: IC Posted
Discord : Mangas#4103
Feel free to leave any feedback and suggestions here. We would really appreciate you filling out the IC form if you havenít already.
Special thanks once again to Tom  for making the doubleshot legends possible , to iinko providing me the initial cyrillic template to make the renders and to all the people who helped me with the kitting.
Thank you so much for your interest :)
Interest Check Form

Consider navigation subs on numpad. Looks empty compared to alphas and mods.


--- Quote from: Fraaaan on Sun, 03 July 2022, 10:35:20 ---Consider navigation subs on numpad. Looks empty compared to alphas and mods.

--- End quote ---
Will keep that in mind , thanks for the observation !

Some 40s support in base or extensions would be appreciated

ne macro/XT support for the extension kit?


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