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[IC] Top Linear | FOD Lucky Switch | Looking for vendors
« on: Fri, 08 December 2023, 19:31:50 »
Hi, this is FOD team,I'm Zef.

A while ago, we released the AM Icy Silver Switches Pro in conjunction with the Angry Miao team, which is now available on AM's platform.

Now, we are going to bring you the first drop of the brand -- FOD Lucky Linear Switches.

Inspiration:Chinese Red envelope

A red envelope or red packet (Chinese: 红包) is a monetary gift given during holidays or for special occasions such as a wedding, a graduation, or the birth of a baby.(Quote from wikipedia)

So, in Chinese culture, red envelopes are a way of expressing blessings and encouragement, representing wishes for good luck and wealth, which are exactly the values of our brand.

With this in mind, FOD Lucky Linear Switches was born.

Y3 Stem - The Legend Continues

The stem made of Y3 has a coefficient of friction of only 0.04, which is nearly 70% lower than conventional POM and LY materials. The Y3 material has already shown great results on the Ice Silver Pro, and FOD Lucky Linear Switches will continue to use it on the stem, with only an increase in smoothness.


With careful automated lubrication, we've minimized noise for a pure sound when typing.


The design concept of packaging comes from the Chinese culture of jade seals, and they are also "input devices" in a sense throughout their long history.

The current packaging solution carries the switches well for transportation and is also perfect for storage.


Type: Linear, 5 pins
Stem: Y3
Housing: translucent PC with red color

Actuation: 45gf 5gf
Bottom-out: 52gf 5gf
Spring: 22mm,gold-plated

Actuation travel: 2.0mm 0.4mm
Bottom-out travel: 3.6mm 0.2mm

Lubrication: lubed


35 / 70 / 90 /110 pcs,  0.86 USD each

Keyboard build & Reviews

Featured on BD60 (Gray Studio) by NNNNANSEN

Featured on Tech Bear 80 by 麦子超

Looking for vendors

FOD Lucky Switch is currently available in China. Unfortunately, we can't ship to the rest of the world because we haven't found any suitable vendors yet.

If you are interested in distributing our products or have any recommendations, please DM us through Instrgram. We are also open to YouTube reviews  :thumb:

FOD Team

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