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Knock-off Matias Switches?


Hak Foo:

The picture sure looks like it says Matias on the side.

Is this a sanctioned offering (i. e. selling them under the Outemu name in China and through your shop in the West) or is this miappropriation of the tooling?

Frankly, I'm curious how they get away asking 60c per switch when the real deal ells for 25.

It shouldn't be a knock-off. Outemu/Gaote is Matias' manufacturer.

To get 25 price/switch anywhere, you'd usually have to buy a 200-pack.
For 10-packs, 60/switch is not far off from what others are charging. Then consider that some shops would have to include their import costs into the sales price.

Yes, they do say "Matias" on the housings.  I was looking at these earlier and was wondering if it was something new.  I guess what Findecanor says makes sense. Now that I read the product page closer, they are telling us these are Matias switches:

"The Outemu otm gaote alps switch Clicky 30g Linear 60g like alps switches Matias switch is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without."

I think it means to say "The Outemu OTM Gaote alps clone (Matias switch) is the product you didn't think you need....

I suppose it could be a positive to buy from KPRepublic b/c you can ensure you are getting the newest revision of the switches which is a huge improvement for the clicky.  Can't speak for the linear b/c I've never tried them.


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