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usb: passive drawing tablets?


never used an usb one (and I don't think I've seen any place that had one for me to try either) myself but I just had to wonder if they all need a driver in some way or are there any that would behave like a one-pressure-level mouse if used without drivers?

the one wacom adb tablet I probably still had somewhere, it pretty much did behave like a simple mouse if you skipped on the extension for it hence this curiousity with regarding to any usb ones

They behave like a regular mouse without drivers but there's no hover-click feature or ability to change what the buttons do. Also if one rotates the tablet 180 the cursor movement will be inverted.

If one wants to avoid the Wacom drivers, at least on Linux, there are open source alternative drivers. The tablets can be set to behave in mouse mode though (rather than absolute cursor positioning), even with drivers.

thanks coreda and I naturally was curious more toward taking the tablet with me to guest houses knowing that it'll just plug in like as if it was just a second mouse on his/her desk

wasn't looking to avoid drivers at home but at least for troubleshooting purposes it could sound nice to be able to test the tablet without having to wonder about if it was actually the drivers or not

as for rotating the interesting I won't ever think of doing that considering where the usb cord is coming from but I guess that otherwise could be a silly little friendly prank with someone else (anyone else ever heard of that silly wijn95-era exe that would invert your entire screen output? same kind of gag with that cupholder.exe and other countless ones hehe)


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