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NZ Caps Eternal Warrior Series

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Eternal Warrior Series available at

Three new designs, The Viking,The Samurai and The Spartan

Durable urethane overmold
MX Stems
Two weeks manufacturing time.

Approval bump :thumb:

A few more pics for those interested

New Key Launch#

Introducing two additions to our new Eternal Warrior Artisan series! German Officer 1u and Allied Soldiers 2u artisan keycaps are finely crafted and meticulously painted pieces that feature the tiniest of details. Check out the boot prints on the battleground and those miniature bullet belts.

Each one of these keycaps is sculpted and hand-painted in our studio in Ireland.

They are crafted from high-quality resin, ensuring durability and longevity. Their design is compatible with most mechanical keyboards, making these artisans an ideal choice for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike.

These keys are SA profile with Cherry MX stems.

The paint work on this really is amazing.


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