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--- Quote from: hippiepete on Wed, 17 May 2023, 04:48:23 ---Is there value in such recordings through a podcast esque style?

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I have thought about this but I don't think I want to get into this right now. Maybe in the future.

--- Quote from: funderburker on Wed, 17 May 2023, 05:30:53 ---Good god, it's happening! Started following TZ 2.0 on IG so I don't miss any releases! :thumb:

Part of what got me so hooked on this niche hobby was, well, the community! And after all these years, I don't hype about boards that much but about the interactions. DIY-ing, enjoying the journey towards the elusive "end game" and sharing it with others is what makes this hobby interesting to me!

So thank you CPT for making something for the soul!

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Thanks for the support! I better start posting on IG too lol....

Lmao. Woke up today and looked at the draft I edited last night. Decided I hated how it looked and changed it and did some more minor edits. I guess now this interview is finally done lol. On to the next one.

Later update: Both the interviews are edited now. I need a third one now....


I'm celebrating a milestone today as the first printed draft of Volume 2.1 is finished! We're inching ever closer to the return of my zine.

Also printed out some of the old zines to show at some meetups I'll be at this summer. If you're going to the Cannonkeys or NEKB July Connecticut meetups, come find me and the zines.

Hype!  ;D

Some updates:

* I'm trying to line up a 3rd interview now.
* I have figured out a way to have more people be able to see the Tactile 1.0 zines without compromising the original intent
* I made a new sticker design that will probably come out in the future
* I commissioned art and used that art to make new stickers. Those have been ordered and are coming soon
* My edits for the first 2 interviews are mostly over. Still needs a bit more work and then I need to add some writing of my own


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