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Came for the content, stayed for the print.

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I heard there is a third meeting of the badass and the girlshark too ;)


--- Quote from: Halverson on Sun, 30 April 2023, 18:48:56 ---I heard there is a third meeting of the badass and the girlshark too ;)

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Who are you?  ;)   :-*

Ok I've been horrible with updates so I'm gonna try and change that. Also there's been people interested and it's easier to post here then to individually update people.

First off I think I'll probably end up posting in process updates here mostly. I think the blog will be for when I have some more solid thoughts and this is going to be shorter stuff. Who knows though. I don't lol.

Stuff I've worked on or worked on recently:

* I have finished interviewing 2 people
* I have finished the zine draft file
* I have finished editing graphics
* I have a new sticker design all set to print
* I have figured out what I'm doing for the next 2-4 zines after this first comeback one
Why aren't the zines printed and ready for sales yet:

So I got really excited to talk to a couple people. Instead of my old style of interviews, I wanted something interactive. For Tactile 1.0, I would come up with a bunch of questions and DM/email them to people. This was great but people were usually a bit short with their responses. So for this time around I wanted to get more interaction....and I selfishly just want to have an excuse to talk to these people. My interviews were at least an hour long and over voice chat in some cases. So I have to edit down hundreds of thousands of words because I got too excited lol. This is taking a bunch of time. I don't regret this choice but I'll have to adjust going forward for a better turnaround time.

Something cool I got to do was use OpenAI's Whisper system to transcribe the voice chats I had. It was shockingly good and was able to figure out words like "Enviro BS". Some links, if you're curious, can be found on Github and on the the OpenAI site.

I am really enjoying the process of making stuff again so even though editing is a grind, it's also been fun. I am pushing to have a draft print out by 5/26. But no promises. Just a goal I set in my head.

More updates to come soon...

Update later in the evening: I got motivated and finally finished editing the voicechat interview I did. I think it started out as a transcribed file that was about 30 pages in Word. Had a blast chatting with the person but there was no way I could possibly fit everything.

Is there value in such recordings through a podcast esque style?

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Good god, it's happening! Started following TZ 2.0 on IG so I don't miss any releases! :thumb:

Part of what got me so hooked on this niche hobby was, well, the community! And after all these years, I don't hype about boards that much but about the interactions. DIY-ing, enjoying the journey towards the elusive "end game" and sharing it with others is what makes this hobby interesting to me!

So thank you CPT for making something for the soul!


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