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How to remap keys on a Mistel MD600v3 keyboard?


Has anyone remapped keys on their Mistel MD600v3 split keyboard?
I recently purchased a MD600v3 RGB but can not figure out how to remap the keys.

The user manual says:
> Remapping Function
1. Press Fn + L_Shift for 3 about seconds (LED 3 flashes in Red).
2. Press Fn key then choose a new position on the keyboard.
3. End process.
The manual can be down loaded from > MD600v3 RGB Classic Black

Here is my attempt to remap Fn + J (left-arrow key) to Fn + H:
  1. Fn + L_Shift for 3 seconds (LED 3 flashed red).
  2. Fn + J, then press H key.
Test: Fn + H
I expected cursor to move one character left.
Fail: Cursor moved to left margin (Fn + H is the default 'Home' key).

Suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.

Solution is on Mistel MD600v3 RGB keyboard review and tutorial.


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