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Looking for info for custom keyboard


Good evening,

I tried learning and searching. However my noobishness got the best of me. So, I am trying to ask around instead of floundering. I am looking for help finding or making a keyboard with the following requirements.

1.  Something kind of similar to a Corne / Piantor / Totem
2.  Wireless, not bluetooth, but like those wireless USB peripheral keyboards. IT at work has locked down bluetooth devices but allows regular wireless peripherals.
3.  Keys at least have some feeling better than a touch screen has yet are quiet for an office environment
4.  Low profile and portable to take between home, travel, and multiple job locations
5.  Tenting
6.  No need for rgb lighting. Would like at least some indicator lights if not gentle backlights.
7.  Budget of ~150$ which I am told I can meet if I order pre-ordered boards and a kit rather than a fully assembled keyboard. Makes for a great introductory project.
8.  Battery life over one week. I am told that lack of rgb and use of usb wireless peripheral connection will help there. Of course a bigger battery helps too.

Have you seen this kit? Its not exactly the normal type of mouse dongle but may be something you like.

I have rarely seen the type of wireless keyboard that uses a USB dongle that plugs into your computer. I think the reason is that most of these types of keyboards are made by hobbyists and most people have no justification for the extra development effort that goes into that over just making it ZMK compatible.


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