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Need Help 122 Key M Resto


You may remember that I have been modding a 122 key M to work with my PC through a USB connector.  I have the bolt mod done.  I replaced the left shift key with a larger one from a 101 key M.  I fabricated my own press fit connector from some wood with a hand saw.  I used some foam insulation to get the connections to press together.

After trying several different configurations for the press fit connector, I still cannot get the keys for Q, A, and Z to register.  The rest of the keyboard works.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?  I worked with the barrel plate to ensure that it is flat with the back plate.  I have tried hitting the key hammers through the barrels with a tooth pick.  

Still nothing for the Q key cluster.  I am so close to getting this mod done!  The bolt mod makes the keys feel FANTASTIC!

Advice?  Questions?  Comments?  Caustic remarks?

Don't know the solution to your problem, but I may have some internal parts (membrane, etc) for sale or trade that could replace your problem parts, if that is what it is.

PM me if that is a direction you want to go, I will have to dig around in some boxes.

for the offer.  I will keep that in mind.  I think that my problem may be at the software end.  Are there any special drivers that I need to make this keyboard work?

I allowed the Ruffian controller to auto install drivers.  Do I need some special software with the operating system?

I have only done Model F 122s, and used Soarer's converter. It worked like a charm, and the only additional software was when I used Key Tweak to move some things around.

I don't know anything about Model Ms except the standard ANSI ones.


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