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Ergo pro + clamp on camera mounts == win!

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Just got the mounts in hand last night and played with them for a tiny bit.  Super configurable and they seem very sturdy.  Here's the mounts I used:

And here's what my setup currently looks like:

It's kind of hard to see from these pics, but I promise I will take better ones once the setup is more finalized ... and I will also clean up all the crap off my desk!  This setup is in my studio.  The mounts us a ball head type setup and give really good flexibility in terms of how you can position the keyboard halves.  In between the keyboards is a Slate Raven MTi2 audio touch screen controller (which is freakin' amazing, changes everything for me).  I wanted to get the touch screen much closer and full split out the keyboard halves.  Mission accomplished.  I did a fair bit of typing on them last night and they feel very stable.  I will probably adjust the angles a bit as time goes, but for now this will get the job done.

That is an amazing setup!  The board itself is lovely, but that touchscreen :eek:

And the reason I decided to do the clamp on version instead of the desktop mount version is for a couple of reasons ...

The first reason is that initially the idea was that I would clamp these to my chair arms directly and have a "mad hacker" type chair, which I've always wanted.  Unfortunately it didn't work out well in my setup -- for fault of the gear, I just couldn't keep them attached to my chair and still get in close enough to the touch screen for my comfort level.

Secondly, and this was always the backup plan, is that I could clamp them to the fronts of my desk and have a full 360 range from there -- they could go out more forward than the front of the desk or go back -- they are currently in the back position.  I also wanted to make sure they were very stable and clamp ons don't move at all.  Also they don't take up any desk footprint.  You can (barely) see that on the right hand one I actually have my mouse under the keyboard.  it also keeps the desk top (the real one, not the virtual one) clean and usable underneath.

I couldn't be happier with the setup.


--- Quote from: suicidal_orange on Fri, 15 January 2016, 12:00:18 ---That is an amazing setup!  The board itself is lovely, but that touchscreen :eek:

--- End quote ---

Here's a link to more info on that touchscreen setup for anyone who wants to know more about it:

I LOVE this thing.  No more RSI related mouse issues for me, now I use my whole arms and can use left and/or right hands (or both at the same time!)

Gerk: have you tried tenting the two sides a bit? With the way you have them now, your wrists are still going to be pronated almost to their limit. Even a little bit of tenting relieves quite a bit of strain from several tendons, giving your fingers improved strength and flexibility and making it easier to find a neutral posture for your back/shoulders/upper arms while still typing comfortably.

My own preference is to have a tent angle of something like 35–50°, but lots of folks think that’s too “weird” and prefer about a 15° tent angle (usually the max for commercial products), while others go all the way to 80°.

A question: what’s the range of configuration of the ErgoPro halves on these particular mounts? Would you mind taking a few pictures of them tilted various directions? Thanks!


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