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#6 HotKeys Giveaway Time!!! ""WINNERS ANNOUNCED"" Over

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Congratulation to all the guys below :

#2  Vox_PT

Thank you for all of your support :)

-- HotKeys Giveaway Time --

“Tell us WHO is your favourite video game character and WHY” for a chance to WIN our new teammate "TANK" as a prize!

The Giveaway is "from now up to 21st May"

I will announce "2 winners on 22st May" , each winner will get 1 "Tank(Cherry MX)". I will randomly give out lovely gifts as a token of appreciation for participation.

Good luck to all :thumb:


Mine is Bayonetta, she is calm and seems like perfect sexy fighting character.  The insane combos game with the guns blazing and lightning fast kicks and she has a lot of grace movements.

Every Xbox games have 1000 points to offer and everybody knows it is very hard to completed. but Bayonetta is only one which I spent times to got all the achievments. :thumb:

Dante from Devil May Cry. He's just a badass.

Sephiroth for sure.  He had an excellent character design from top to bottom.  His sword was also one of my favorites from the Final Fantasy series.  His story and motivation were perfect for the icy appearance he had.  The music he was given for the games was also gorgeous.  Having been bred with alien DNA is also a huge awesome feature of his. 

Thanks for the giveaway Martin!


Ben from Full Throttle, the one liners, the dry humor, the badassery yet solid moral stance. Ben is the ****.


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