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Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 vs XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Pen Display monitor

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Every panel, comes out a little different at the factory, if it's not calibrated, it's always off.

Every person comes out a little different, but if he isn't educated (human calibration) , he'll end up like Tp4..

wacom cintiq pro 13 is smaller with 13.3-inch screen but has better screen resolution, and color gamut. the stylus also has better performance, and it doesn't have battery, no need to recharge. the downside is the price, which is very,  very expensive.
xp-pen artist 22E Pro is large at 22-in but still has 1080p reslution and narrow 78% adobe color gamut, the stylus not as good as wacom cintiq, it even has battery inside.
I would recommend you upgrade to their newest model - xp-pen artist 22R Pro, which comes with better screen quality and a battery-free PA2 stylus.
This article has a detailed comparsion: , This may can help you  a lot.


--- Quote from: xtrafrood on Wed, 19 September 2018, 22:59:07 ---So basically what your saying is... When the specs say a monitor can only produce ~99% srgb and ~70% adobe rgb it just means the calibration is incorrect? I smell an onion conspiracy..

edit - you're.. is what I meant to type.. :(

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when I see those specs - I know it's color reproduction from factory is garbage and normally a cheap panel.  I know if I go with a Asus ProArt or Professional BenQ, the calibration process will be less time consuming.  I prefer to see 100+ on sRGB 95+ on AdobeRGB/DCIp

Those specs don't mean it's not calibrated, it can still be calibrated to do those colors well.
The spec means it simply cannot hit those colors, at all, no matter how much calibration you do.

99% SRGB / 70% Adobe isn't bad actually... If you're playing games or casually watching movies (what most people do).
If you do any content creation that requires correct color tones however, it's terrible and could cause trouble for you.

That said, accurate color can also cause problems in some circles, for example, whoever did Google Maps color coding had a really fantastic monitor, so good that when viewed on some lesser monitors the street lines almost disappear... (thanks, moron!). Why you wouldn't make that high contrast is beyond me, but someone thought 1 shade darker was perfectly fine. It's so much of a problem that there's browser plugins to deal with it. And you would think Google would catch this but it's one of those spots were A.I. and automation come together and screw things up, "A.I. says it's working fine, boss!". I mean, it must work if the A.I. and automated test says it's working, it must be working right?  Where'd our users go?


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