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Hey everyone!

With aftermarket prices for GMK Minimal soaring to well over 200% Ryan/Quaddepo and I felt it was time to offer you this classic again, better than ever! GMK Minimal 2 keeps all the things that made GMK Minimal great while adding new options we think you'll love!

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I'm pleased to say we're once again working with these amazing vendors you've come to love from previous GBs. We've also added Deskhero for the Canadians among us! GMK Minimal will be available until September 2nd. Estimated shipping is Q2 2021.

* Dixiemech for the US
* iLumkb for Asia
* Deskhero for Canada
* Mykeyboard for the EU
* Dailyclack for Oceania
* Zfrontier for China
* Zfrontier for Asia

GMK Minimal 2 keeps all that elements that made GMK Minimal so popular: modern text mods, a clean black on white colourway and affordable kit design. The white used is a perfect balance between the very bright WS2 and "old school" beige of CP, it also makes for a perfect matching to e-white boards! In addition to this we’ve also added the option for some alternate accents and used the new centred arrows to keep consistent with the centred text mods, more of which below!

Kit design


This is the bread and butter of any GMK set. The standard kits has compatibility for the all the most popular layouts in the community.


Numbers adds compatibility for layouts with a numpad. It also includes the keys needed to outfit a 1800 style layout.


Addition adds options for a OS modified bottom row, 60%s with  arrows through the 2u shift, 660 layouts with the extra 2.25u shift, full ISO UK support and some options for different legends in the 65% and caps lock area.


Obscure adds support for a wide variety of 40% keyboards, including ortholinear ones and Minivan type layouts. Included are the necessary modifiers and spacebars ranging from 1u to 3u. This kit also includes a second b key and the needed spacebars for split/ergonomic keyboards like the TGR Alice.


Command is aimed at Mac users by adding correct legends for Command and Option keys.


People have always loved adding accents to GMK Minimal, so this time around we decided to offer them right in the GB! The Colour kit includes a fresh take on the classic RGB mods, a Dixie X and OG style arrows.


For those of you who really want to take the minimal theme to the ultimate level. As the name suggest mono strips all secondary legends from the keys giving your board a very appealing clean look.


This kit adds compatibility for ISO NO, SE, FL, DK, DE layouts. The kits includes a 125u Shift and ISO Enter meaning this is a one stop shop for all things Norde!

RAMA caps

Of course we couldn't launch this set without bringing back the Black X RAMA cap. This keycap is milled from a solid piece of brass and PVD coated to a flawless shiny finish. It features RAMA's X design which is filled in with enamel.

In addition to that we also decided to continue on the more playful trend the Colour accents introduced to this set by designing 3 new RAMA caps. These too are milled out of a single block of aluminium and e-coated for a durable finish. The caps feature simple, organic shapes filled in with enamel colour matched to the vivid accent colours found in the Colour kit.
Black PVD Brass

Red Square

Green Triangle

Blue Circle


910 RE by TGR

Scofield by Dixiemech

KBD67v2 MkII by KBDFans and Ai03

Fjell by Mekanisk

U80 by RAMA

Polaris by KBDfans, Ai03 and Kevinplus

Iron165 by Smith + Rune

Klippe by Mekanisk

Bauer by Dixiemech

Austin by Drifitingbunnies

268.2 by Noxary

KBD8xMkii by KBDfans x Ai03

M60 by RAMA

Dharma by Janglad


A Canadian proxy! Thank you! I'm in.

Are projected sales for GMK Minimal 2 low?

I can't help but feel a bit saddened that the base kit is the same $99.99 but has 6 less keys than round 1.


--- Quote from: titanium on Mon, 03 August 2020, 18:01:56 ---Are projected sales for GMK Minimal 2 low?

I can't help but feel a bit saddened that the base kit is the same $99.99 but has 6 less keys than round 1.

--- End quote ---

Combination of price hike in international shipping due to Covid making GMK to vendor shipping a lot more expensive and USD:EUR continuing to drop (like a 5-6% drop since GMK MoDo 2 happened). FYI the base kit is about $10 cheaper in the EU compared to MoDo 2.


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