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[GB] GMK Shoko 2nd Style「Less than 5 days Left! Ends on September 15」

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--- Quote from: Lotsati on Sun, 24 April 2022, 09:37:28 ---
--- Quote from: mr_foggy on Fri, 22 April 2022, 09:48:37 ---anyone knows if Kono has some sort of Discord server they can be reached at?
they're selling Shoko extras already, before even shipping my legit order placed in preorder phase last year.
and not answering my tickets, obviously.

--- End quote ---

Currently in the same boat. Not yet shipped out for me and ordered mine during the preorder phase a year + ago.

--- End quote ---

That is insane. I ordered Shoko R2 extras from DailyClack a couple weeks ago and just received it on Friday... Definitely reach out to Kono somehow. I've never ordered from them before but I've heard fulfillment usually takes forever.

Just to give a datapoint I guess; I pre-ordered mine from Kono 08/2020. I've received shipment update last week and they were delivered yesterday.

turns out they shipped my set without notifying me or updating the order status at all.
I received a text from UPS yesterday stating I had to pay import taxes for an incoming shipment from "ASSEMBLY". base kit showed up today.
hope y'all get your set asap, it's a beauty.

Just emailed support recently and they confirmed they are in fact, still working on shipping Shoko sets out. I have also received a shipment from Kono before with no email warning at all as well.

Seems like a number of people have gotten warped spacebars (at least in the sets from Kono). Is there going to be any coordinated process to deal with this or does everyone need to deal with it on their own?


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