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DIY HItboxes?


Over the past year and a half, I've gotten back into fighting games (not saying I'm good, just enjoying it haha). At some point last year, I discovered how much fight sticks have evolved with Hitbox and Mixbox style controllers.

My search has brought me across a few different options that have been built and posted on Etsy... Long story short, this is what ultimately drove me to building handwired boards and playing with a few designs here and there... I know there have been a couple of similar projects featured here and there. Just wondering if there's much interest in something like this sort of project out there

There's not much of a project to be had. You get a Brooks board, pick switches like Gamerfingers or those Crown ones that both allow for insertion of your choice of MX switch, wire them up and you're done. Kailh speed silver are popular I believe due to low travel and silence.

Not a massive one, But I've been playing around with some models for something just a bit bigger than pocket sized for portability that I've worked up a couple of hand wired ones for myself. I'm debating making up a PCB to make it a simple little hot swap rig


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