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any chance for the superfx pack darker mods as a separate addon kit?  i really like those. 

i also kinda don't like how the menu key has black text amongst all of the brightly colored other mods.  not sure what color it should be, but i'd prefer to have it be some color.

and consider me one vote for windows xp logo over windows 8 logo, but not really a big deal either way i guess.

Unpopular opinion:
Generally not a fan of pad printing. Increase in cost to kit for solely 4 keys has me slightly puzzled. Are pad printed keys and double extra Pg Dn/End keys really a better value than a double shot multicolor cluster representing the original GB vision and theme? I can understand people wanting an extra ~ for a fullsize setup, but at the same time feel like anybody buying for a 60% will have/get an artisan for ~/Esc inverted. Those keys dont personally sell me on the set.
Black WASD legends feel off to me as well since theres no Super FX Kit (dark mods) kit. White wouldnt really feel much better either IMO...Unless Insert/Home/Pg Up, numpad mods were given the the numstrip color treatment. Would add to any layout that is TK/scarf but thats a large deviation (and adding keys, Unless swapped print/scroll/paused....  :-X )

--- Quote from: autobot on Thu, 12 October 2017, 20:16:29 ---Some ideas:

- W, A, S, Z (dpad look), & D (traditional wasd accent) in dark grey
- triangles instead of arrows for the arrow keys in mod color, or dark grey
- I second the SELECT/START keys, in dark grey
- Caps Lock & Enter in purple, looks like POWER & RESET
- Long shot, but I'll throw it out there - "EJECT" on space bar!
- SNES-related artisan raffle
- SNES-Styled GMK Tray Sleeve, looks like US/NTSC Console box packaging - Sherry, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I can help with graphics if need be for this one!

This last one would REALLY make the set special!

--- End quote ---
Sumbody else likes Caps lock+Enter dark purple :eek:

That looks fantastic. Two opinions:

-I second the START/SELECT winkeys!
-I personally think the shift and bottom row winkeys in RGBY legends too busy. I would prefer they remain black, or go with the lighter purple color to match the top row lavender alt color.

+1 on the purple enter.  i wouldn't use the capslock but i have no problem adding it to the set.

i agree on nixing the pad printing, too.  more keys i'd never use and it ups the cost.

$165 is reasonable. I went to my MassDrop transactions and the base kit + super fx was $182.48.


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