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--- Quote from: autobot on Thu, 12 October 2017, 21:45:51 ---
--- Quote from: BAS1C on Thu, 12 October 2017, 21:03:42 ---That looks fantastic. Two opinions:

-I second the START/SELECT winkeys!
-I personally think the shift and bottom row winkeys in RGBY legends too busy. I would prefer they remain black, or go with the lighter purple color to match the top row lavender alt color.

--- End quote ---

I also agree, RGBY is too busy on shift and bottom row winkeys.

--- End quote ---

I also agree, the contrast makes my eyes bleed. But I like the rest of the set enough I'd buy it anyway, its the only thing I really feel like is an actual issue.

--- Quote from: CommonCurt on Thu, 12 October 2017, 23:02:28 ---Please  "Control" instead of "CTRL",  and Start & Select for Win keys (or anything besides win8/10 logo).

--- End quote ---

I like control better than ctrl as well. Other ideas for win keys could be like D-Pads, I also think purple Power and Reset win keys could be cool, but I like colorful sets :P.

--- Quote from: xondat on Thu, 12 October 2017, 19:02:36 ---
I also think the RGBY caps should be have white legends.

Would also like to see "Control", not "Ctrl".

--- End quote ---

+1. It also fits better with the SNES design in general:

SNES is always light text on darker surfaces and dark text on light ones.

Oh and I for one would love dark purple f5-8 alts. But totally get why they would be skipped :D.

Have you considered doing a bigger extension kit with full white on purple mods? I'd buy 2 :P. Especially the light purple, but I'd be happy with either :P.


--- Quote from: xondat on Thu, 12 October 2017, 19:02:36 ---Why that 1.5u backspace?

Show Image

It should be this:

Show Image

The block style is awful. Please change this.

I also think the RGBY caps should be have white legends.

Would also like to see "Control", not "Ctrl".

--- End quote ---

i really feel that the box with the x in it is best.
wish there was a way to have both because it is a must for me.
meanwhile i don't want to step on anyone's shoes.
but i am curious how other people feel about that backspace.

i agree on the rgby with white legends as xondat stated.

How about purple POWER & RESET (White text) in place of Alt & Alt Gr, and mod colored space bar (like the eject lever)?

How about using front print to utilize the 'game' theme. Arrow front print on WASD, ABXY color on hhkb arrow so no risk of rubbed pad print.

Edit: I like the idea of purple capslock and enter with Power and Reset text too.

Pad printing ABXY seems unnecessary. I agree with other posts that they should be doubleshot in the corresponding color for a more elegant look. If you really want pad-print, then doubleshot legends in RBGY and print the ABXY in light purple because that's how the controller actually looks. Either way, dark grey WASZ (or WASD) is a must to mimic the d-pad.

RGBY modifiers make the set really busy when the SNES is a simple looking machine. Seems counter-intuitive. Having grey/black modifiers seems uninspired in general. I'd rather see light-legends like the SNES actually has on its dark grey pieces.


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