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Wisdom teeth removal..

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I need mine out... But I can't really afford 500 right now. It will probably be worth it, but **** :(

One thing I noticed.. that if I increased my calcium intake for a duration,  it inevitably accelerated impaction..

So if ya'll got an impacted tooth coming.. slow down on the milk.. / calcium supplements..

What if.... what iff....  Wolverine has an impacted wisdom tooth..  He would be completely crippled.. because they'd have to pull it out every 10 seconds..

Tp how high are you bro


--- Quote from: demik on Sat, 18 July 2015, 11:40:29 ---Tp how high are you bro

--- End quote ---

Tp4 no do drugs.. y everyone think I do drugs..  I no do drugs. 


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