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Wisdom teeth removal..

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God I'd really like some fried chicken now.. 

All this depression,  and hungri-ness

For what it's worth, I had mine out in 1972.

Abscessed teeth and root canals are far worse.

How are you doing, man? Had implants recently and remembered a time when I was just starting out in dentistry. A few years ago I decided to get my teeth aligned. But their condition was critical. At first, they tried to fix them. But then they decided to just pull them out. All right, I thought. But the was the worst pain of my life. I didn't want to go back to that clinic again. Found online. Went to see them. After the consultation, I continued my treatment. It was painless, and I recently got implants from them. My teeth are fine now.

I'm fine, been through it 3 times in about 20 years. Only 1 has required an implant and I waited nearly 3 years before getting a tooth to fill the gap (long story). But it went in fine and I am happy with the result.

Back story - that chain of events started when I cracked a tooth on a piece of bone in a hamburger at Fuddruckers in 1995.


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