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[IC]Eau75V2 - After nearly a year, we finally completed a new mount!

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Hello,guys. We're CHAOSREA.
Today, we're bring you guys the infomation about EAU-V2

Since the amount of information in this update is relatively large, so that everyone can see the key points faster, I deleted the first IC and republished it.
At the same time, we have reviewed the energy invested in the suspended structure.
If anyone wants to see the key points directly, you can skip the first part and start reading from the second part.
You are also welcome to join our discord channel to learn more details:


Ⅰ.Development Timeline

On July 21, 2023
During a routine product meeting, our engineers proposed the concept of a suspended structure.
Since this idea originated from architectural design, it garnered a lot of interest, and we quickly decided to pursue it.

Structure parts (Inspired by suspension bridge)

On July 28, 2023
The general design for both appearance and structure was confirmed.
However, the structure was completely new to us, making it difficult to accurately predict overall performance.
Blindly creating prototypes could lead to numerous trials without achieving satisfactory results.
Therefore, we decided to collaborate with a force analysis studio to determine a clear direction first.

From September to November 2023,
the key three months of the design phase, the studio experienced constant debates regarding the product.

We produced three appearance samples and continuously adjusted the details,
especially the ratio of the front frame and the recessed height of the backplate
(to enhance the three-dimensional effect and create a stronger visual impact).
The recessed height, in particular, was repeatedly adjusted due to its direct relationship with the internal space and front height.

During this period, we contacted a professional force analysis studio.
With their assistance, we designed five versions of structural spring plates.
In the fifth design iteration, we found a suitable spring plate that showed excellent resonance control in the data.

Testing date

Sample adjustment

From December 2023 to March 2024,
since the appearance had already been confirmed, these months were relatively less demanding.
The focus was on adjusting the tactile feedback of the structural spring plates.
During this period, we produced four more samples, adjusting the thickness, adding reinforcing ribs, and hollowing out sections to fine-tune the tactile feedback.

However, the long wait time due to the Chinese New Year holiday was frustrating
(we have decided never to schedule new product samples around the New Year again :().
After confirming all components, we sent a comprehensive prototype to our community members for testing.

One member suggested an intriguing idea: since the structure was based on a suspension bridge, we could also try a design inspired by an arch bridge.
Although we were almost ready to wrap up this project, the idea was so compelling that we decided to create a new sample combining both structural approaches.

Different samples made from alloys with different compositions

Silicone parts of different hardness

Ⅱ.Details of the structure
Structural Components:
This structure is composed of the following three components:

Stainless Steel Beam

Beryllium Copper Spring

Shock-Absorbing Silicone

The purpose of this structure is twofold:
first, to further eliminate resonance, and second, to provide a typing experience that is "springy but firm, with strong feedback."
The specific installation method involves securing the inner part to the beryllium copper spring using shock-absorbing silicone.
The beryllium copper spring is then attached to the stainless steel beam with screws,
and the beam is fixed to the top case of the keyboard.
Therefore, strictly speaking, our structure is a variant of the Top mount.
(as we understand it, Top mount is where the inner case is secured to the top case with screws).

Regarding Resonance Elimination
The suspension structure suspends the inner part within the keyboard's top case.
When the spring plate in the structure is subjected to keypress force,
it can gradually diminish the resonance due to the material properties and the curved design of the spring plate, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating resonance.

Separating "Soft" and "Springy" as Two Concepts
By structurally limiting the downward travel of the inner case, we can reduce the dissipative feel during typing.
Meanwhile, the material elasticity and curvature of the spring plate enhance the feedback feel of the keyboard during typing.
Thus, this structure differs from the softness of a gasket and the rigidity of a fully fixed Top mount.
It is a relatively balanced solution, primarily aimed at providing comfortable long-term use.

At the same time, this structure provides two structural solutions
Which we call "suspension bridge mode" and "arch bridge mode".
It is realized by the formal installation and reverse installation of the beryllium copper shrapnel. Interested friends can try it themselves.
In the "arch bridge mode", the keyboard's typing feel will become harder.

"Arch mode"

"Suspension mode"

We will also release a video explaining this structure. If you are interested, please follow our Youtube channel

A very interesting structure, but in my opinion, the "Arch" structure should be more springy. I don't know if you are mistaken. I look forward to your actual test video.


--- Quote from: HereisVic on Tue, 04 June 2024, 00:54:53 ---A very interesting structure, but in my opinion, the "Arch" structure should be more springy. I don't know if you are mistaken. I look forward to your actual test video.

--- End quote ---
I agree with you,really want to try it.

So glad to see you guys are interested in this structure. Please wait for our video, which will have a demonstration of the actual effect.

pardon my ignorance, but is this not just gasket mount with extra steps?


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