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What video games are you currently playing?

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Can be retro/modern/PC/mobile/Tiger Electronics/etc.

Currently playing Chrono Trigger. Been putting it off for so long. Now that I have a bit of a break from studies Iíve been hunkering down when the rest of the family is asleep and trying to play as much as I can until school starts again.

Not far into it (about maybe a fourth, if that), but so far I really like it. The story and characters are a bit cliche by today's standards, but they are colorful and relatable. The battle system is very good, and I can see myself tweaking it soon to fit my needs. Playing on the DS Lite made me realize how small the screens are (been used to the 3DS XL screens), but it's definitely manageable.

Also playing Solitaire Decked Out when I'm on the train. Surprisingly, it's very addictive and my favorite iteration of digital solitaire by far.

Unreal gold

if only it had more quake sounds in it  :(

Age of Empires 2 HD: Rise of Rajas expansion just released the other week. Nice to see it getting updates and patches after nearly 18 years.

Probably the only game from the 90s still in active development by the original makers.  :cool:

AoE2HD is NOT developed by the original Ensemble Studios staff.

Instead, devs of the Forgotten mod were hired to work on the Forgotten Empires expansion, while trying to maintain basically a fork. The HD edition has been a lackluster, though, with new bugs, multiplayer lag/sync problems etc.

I'm still entirely convinced, that the original AoE2 (that you can buy in a box on Amazon) with community patches and Voobly multiplayer client is a much better game to this day. I've bought the HD only for new campaigns.


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