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Ah, I read it incorrectly about the memory space.

Version 5.4.0 is a good choice for AVR in general. But you may still want to use newer version. Check this.

I use 7.3.0 from the Microchip toolchain build now and it seems to be a bit better than 5.4.0 for me when enabling LTO option.

I thnk you can buy Teensy 2.0++ and Mini USB Host Shield to make a converter with 128KB flash.

Ok, thank you! I might give that a try! :) And thanks once again for your great work with building this converter!

PS. Using GCC 7.3.0 from the Microchip 3.7.0 toolchain saved me about 350 bytes, so that was a great suggestion :)

Even better, this time with the Microchip toolchain EXTRAFLAGS += -flto actually had an effect, now I have >900 available bytes! I tried both with and without EXTRAFLAGS += -flto before and it did not have an effect at the time, and I also set LTO_ENABLE = yes, but apparently that did not add the -flto flag by itself. Perfect! :)

VIA Support?

I've been using Hasu's USB-USB Converter with my HHKB Hybrid and it works perfectly!

I've managed to install QMK on it in order to use Tap Dance and other features.

I've tried to install VIA support, but the firmware always ends up being too large.

I've tried all the flags in order to reduce the size, but it's always too large.

I was wondering - has anyone managed to compile the firmware with VIA support, and if so, could you share any tips for getting the firmware to fit?




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