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Thanks, Hasu!

Now another problem has arisen. Previously, I had done the configuring of my keymap on a Windows machine, but this morning, I tested the USB-USB converter on a Linux Machine (Linux Mint 21.1 Xfce, based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). I found that when I try the embedded keypad on the Linux machine, it works only if I also use the Numlock key. However, it does not work completely. When I try to do Alt Codes, I get no output in a text editor (Xed, or Notepad++ using Wine). Do you have an idea of why the Alt codes are not working and how I might be able to fix this? Thank you.

EDIT1: After Googling this issue, I discovered to my great disappointment that "Alt Codes" do not work in Linux! Do you happen to be aware of a Linux version of Alt Codes? Thanks again!

EDIT2: Well, I have a Windows VM on my Linux machine, and I found that the Alt Codes work in the VM. So, this would provide a workaround when I am using the Linux machine and wish to output Alt Codes. It would, however, be nice to be able to generate Alt Codes (or something similar) directly in Linux. Ideas welcome! Thanks.

EDIT3: After some additional Googling, I ran across various Linux alternatives to Alt Codes. These include Unicode numbers, Unicode hex codes (accessed via Shift+Ctrl+U), and keyboard shortcuts. With these discoveries, I think that I have answered my own question.

Thanks for your advice Hasu.

I'll try to pursue these, although the following article about changing the boot loader got me thinking if that would be possible:

Is it possible to change the boot loader of the USB-USB converter, or am I setting myself up for a world of pain if I try that?

If it is possible, do you have any tips as to how this can be achieved?



Short answer for the normal users is simply no. TMK conveter does not offer easy way to do that(no pinouts for programmer).

It is possible if you have good soldering skill and are familiar to AVR, though.
You can use 'avrdude' command with programmer hardware like 'AVR ISP MKII' to program bootloader.
You will need to read datasheet and command manual to know how to program.

Is there any chance of being able to get one of these still?


--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Sat, 27 January 2024, 17:37:13 ---Is there any chance of being able to get one of these still?

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yes. check the first post.


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