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Model M 84-key spacesaver from Ebay

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Well, I picked up two Model M 84-key spacesavers (Model M "mini"s) from Ebay this past weekend.  The first of two arrived today.  Here are some pics:

Packed pretty decently (was surrounded by packing peanuts as well):

Here it is fresh out of the packing material:

The "birth certificate":


A bit dirty but appears to be in good shape:

12 plastic "rivots" broken.  Actually pretty decent (30-some still intact):

Nice and clean:

Here are those broken rivots that were rattling around loose:

No keycaps on this model.  (I was actually a bit surprised simply because my "new" one has the keycaps):

I love the Model M's...but it floors me that a keyboard that was/is so solid has such an obvious Achilles Heel with the plastic rivots.  They are notorious for breaking off quite easily.  Fortunately, this keyboard has aged well.

I now fully understand why you loath used keyboards. What are you going to do with the spacesavers?

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Nice boards.

I've been using Ms for years now, one in particular has been my everyday axe for at least 7 years now, and it hasn't suffered a single broken plastic rivet.  They sure do look like a failure point, and a few of theboards I've purchased have had broken rivits, but I've never actually figured out how to break one myself under normal use.

Do you guys replace the rivots? With what?

I have 3 model Ms here.

Two are perfect. One is a little stiff. All keys. It's like they use a different spring.


--- Quote from: nrp;2550 ---Do you guys replace the rivots?
--- End quote ---

Repairing a Model M.


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