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HHKB Hasu bluetooth controller


Hey everyone!  I'm getting a little frustrated by this issue so I'm going to break down and make a post and ask it directly.

The bluetooth part of my Hasu bluetooth HHKB WILL NOT pass keystrokes.  The thing works beautifully in USB mode but nada when not plugged in.  It connects just fine to my work laptops and phone (and disconnects from all them too) but no keypresses get pushed to anything.

One other question.  If I want to set my right Fn key to TOGGLE to a specific layer do I set that up like another layer and just set the layer I want it to toggle to?  for example T3=L3?


You should probably ask the man himself here.

Reflashed the firmware.  It seems to work now.

Anybody meet the question that  hasu controller of hhkb does not work under mac mojave?   (hhkb pro2)  it works well about two days. I try to double shift+p and  delete *bluetooth.plist of mac, but it still does not work.  and update mojave to latest  version is 10.14.3 .  all of these don't play a role.
thanking for any help


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