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from dudeship x Bobasweatandtears

Please note not all the renders are fully accurate due to legend changes, most notably the icon mods.
Please refer to the kit renders to view the final revision.

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The Great Wave off Kanagawa <神奈川沖浪裏>(c 1829-1833) by Katsushika Hokusaiis a woodblock print (Ukiyo-e) and is one of the most reproduced and recognisable images of Japanese artwork in history. World-renowned, it has had a profound influence on Western art culture, but particularly upon the French Impressionists which in-turn shaped the great wave of European Modernism in the 20th Century. Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night also clearly shows significant inspiration from it, with him even writing vividly to his brother Theo:
Hokusai’s "waves are claws, the boat is caught in them, you can feel it".MoreIn fact, Hokusai's sophisticated uses of rich hues of blue to create this striking design, led to European artists to incorrectly deem the colour blue as idiosyncratically Japanese, and fuelled the "Japonism" craze at the time (the earliest weebs Japanophiles!). The blue in fact was actually European in origin, commonly known as Prussian Blue, and is the first modern synthetic pigment, spreading rapidly around the world, causing reciprocating ripples of creativity globally, from Paris to Japan.

There's many details to love, such as the intense dramatic tension of the gigantic wave about to break on top of the viewer unfolding in the foreground, to the contrast between the saturated swells and the white crest of foam with its claw-like tendrils. Despite its restrictive palette, it successfully captures a moment in time, portraying the constantly changing movement of the ocean and its vast power. Men in boats appear insignificant amongst the chaos of nature, which even envelops Japan's largest and sacred symbol, Mount Fuji (a focus of Hokusai's spirituality). This referential icon appears as a diminutive triangle in the distance, where it could be easily missed and mistaken for another ocean wave. This defied traditional Japanese compositions of perspective at the time, and Hokusai thus skillfully blends European structure, with Japanese motifs and techniques into a seamless work of enduring international appeal.
To us, the significant history behind this artwork and the pigment Prussian blue (berorin-ai; ベロリン藍) highlights the role of cultural exchange at the heart of creative discovery, and to continue to celebrate this spirit, we're using this iconic seascape as the theme for a keycap set design we think lots of people will also love too.

Kentô (Kits)- Registration marks carved into each woodblock so that the paper can be properly aligned on each woodblock during printing -
※ [Base Kit] - Aizuri-e (藍摺絵)
※ [Latin] - Berlin BlueMore
※ [Hiragana sublegends] - Hokusai (北斎)More
※ [Katakana sublegends] - Ōnami (大波)More
※ [Katakana] - Kanagawa (神奈川)More
※ [Colemak+Mod-DH] - CoastalMoreColemak Mod-DH for ANSI, ISO and matrix-like keyboards, including wide configurations and DHk has been catered for too

※ [Icon] - SprayMore※ [Text] - SwellMore※ [Japanese] - Umi (海) [Sea]More
※ [Standard] - FoamMore※ [Kanji] - FujiMore
Number Pad
※ [Arabic /Gradient] - ShorelineMore※ [Arabic + Kanji /Gradient] - NamiMore※ [Kanji /Gradient] - SorobanMore※ [Arabic + Kanji /White] - FrothMore※ [Arabic /Blue] - Thirty-six ViewsMore※ [Arabic + Kanji /Blue] - DepthsMore
※ [Novelties] - Ukiyo-e (浮世絵)- 'pictures of the floating world'; art produced in Japan in the 16th-19th century. Ukiyo was originally a Buddhist phrase meaning 'the floating world' used to explain that human life passed quickly, and later became used to describe the pleasures of life -
※ [Novelties] - Mons
Essentially serves the purposes of 'Blanks' for supplementing Orthos, and XT-layouts (side F-row columns)
※ [Seigaiha Novelties] - Seigaiha (青海波)- 'blue sea and waves'; a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic of waves of the open sea and representing surges of good luck. Stemming from the 6th Century, and used on ancient maps and, this motif is prolific in Japanese print

MoreDo note that for PBT dyesub this is technically possible, as seen by KAM 80s After Dark sample ( by the same manufacturer

※ [Spacebars] - SandbarMore
※ [Mac] - RingoMore
Alt Modifiers
※ [Ortho + 40s] - Oshiokuri-buneIconMoreJapanese TextMore
※ [Ergo] - EdoMore
Alt Language Kits
※ [Nordic] - ÆgirMore
※ [German] - Die große WelleMore
※ [Spanish] - La Gran OlaMore
※ [French] - La Grande VagueMore
※ [JIS - Latin Alphas + Mods] - Katsushika (葛飾)More

Yoko-e (Deskmats)- a print in horizontal or “landscape” format -
Ōnami- Great Wave -MorePrototype:

The Great KoiMorePrototype:

Ryūjin (龍神)- the dragon kami (spirit/god) of the sea -MorePrototype:Ryū (龍)
Great Cats off KanagawaMorePrototypes:

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Kyôgô (Renders)- an impression pulled from the first woodblock made by a carver (omohan or sumihan) from the artist’s original drawing -
Paragon (Artemis Design Studio)
Sunsetter (Charue Design)
959 Mini (Dalco)
Argyle (Seoulcialite)
GMMK Pro (Glorious)
Cypher (Cable Car Designs)
Chasm (dudeship)
Paragon 75 (Artemis Design Studio)
Fuji65 (CMM.Studio - Mellperbia)
Aki-S 65% (Jeffccy)
LX60 (Smith)
unnamed (dudeship)More
TGR Alice (Yuktsi)
- All renders by dudeship -
Disclaimer: Colours shown in keyboard renders and diagrams should not be treated as accurate representations of final keycap colours. Multiple factors such as render lighting, and individual display monitor calibrations can affect what you see. Manufacturer samples will be checked against physical color decks of the Pantone standards selected.

Iroita (色板) (Colours)- a colour block.  A separate block must be carved for each different colour for woodblock printing -
Photographs of Pantone colour reference (on paper); indoors during daylightNote that colours may be subject to change depending on samples by manufacturer, and we are also trialing a darker shade for the deepest blue

Betsubara (別腹) (Extras)-"separate stomach"; the mysterious extra room you find you have for dessert after a large meal -

Asero Foundry



Cablemod Collab link

ArtKey Universe


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Other SocialsInstagram: @dudeshipmk | @boba.kinksDiscord DMs:  dudeship#0001 | BobaSweatandTears#1659
Stay wavydudeship & BobaSweatandTears x Thank you to:
※ Hokusai - the OG
More※ Chase for his support and co-contribution to seeding the initial idea many months ago
※ Oli for being a top bloke and helping with icon modifiers, and assisting with the vector files. The seigaiha kit was his suggestion.
※ Kidviddy - for patiently responding to multiple queries about Japanese terminology and JIS
※ Konstantin - for his contributions to the kitting of KAT Monochrome and KAT Refined which was our foundation
※ NoPunin10ded - obscure language kitting is based off his work in KAT Napoleonic
//Note that all kitting mistakes here are mine, due to solitary attempts to adapt for a diagonal gradient
※ Ai03 - Japanese text for modifiers were referenced off the SimpleJA project
※ To all the respective keyboard designers for granting us permission to visualise our set on their beautiful keyboard designs
※ ImperfectLink - for rendering help and queries
※ Dazon for helping out with the technical side of the theme
※ Swishy from Keycapdesigner Discord (KAM 80s), and QQMBR (KAT Specimen) for answering so many newbie questions when we first began
※ KCD and ZDC server communities for general feedback, support and resources
※ Designers of other sets, that we have admired or taken cues from, in one way or another: i.e. SA Vilebloom, GMK Masterpiece, GMK Sumi, and SimpleJA

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First gradient set I'm considering. Good ****

Current Vendor Listings that are live:

OCE (Australia/NZ) Vendor DailyClack :

SG/SEA Vendor Hex Keyboards:

PH Vendor Zion.Studios:

NA Vendor should go live at 12AM PST:

Katakana Sublegend Alphas, Text Modifiers, Latin F-Row and Novelties

Katakana Alphas, Icon Modifiers, Kanji Gradient Numpad and Novelties

Hirigana Sublegend Alphas and Japanese Modifiers

Latin Alphas and Icon Modifiers

Once again
Gaze upon the glory of this venn diagram for a major reason why you should get this set:

Yes we've finally got this set to GB!
We're stoked to have this set reach this stage.
This was the first keycap set Dudeship and I started designing in mid-2020, and we didn't anticipate it would take this long, but nor did we expect to reach the level it has become.
Humble beginnings:
Kitting, novelties, deskmats and renders all took many long nights and many things were learnt (so much kitting...)

Thanks again to all who have helped given us encouragement, feedback and advice that has shaped the set to where it is today.
Particular shout outs go to Kidviddy (JP translations), Oli (vectors), NoPunin10ded (language kitting), Dr Higsby/Mat (40s kit), Swishy (beginning advice) & Chase (conception).


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