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[GB] DCS Alps Pingmaster // Replacement keys shipped to vendors

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Hi all,

Welcome to the GB for DCS Alps Pingmaster, an Alps-specific set based on the legendary IBM Pingmaster from the 1980s:

**Please note that the renders are done in Cherry profile, which is quite similar to but not exactly the same as DCS. Nevertheless, they should give you a good idea of how the final set will look like.


Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Profile: DCS 1-1-2-3-4-4
Material: PBT, except longer spacebars and relegendables
Legends: Dye-sublimated top legends w/ pad-printed front side legends
Colors: Stock SP PBT colors
Switch Mount: Alps
Stabilizer Mount: MX

**Please note that these caps are for Alps/Matias switches only and are not compatible with MX-style switches. Stabilizer mounts however, will be MX-shaped.

GB Details

The GB will run with the following vendors from August 16 to September 13 and is estimated to ship in Q1 2022.

US: Mechs&Co
CA: Desk[H]ero
UK: Proto[Typist]
EU: MyKeyboard
AS: zFrontier Chinese and International
OC: Daily Clack



Please note that the longer spacebars will be made in ABS due to warping. Front legends will be pad printed.

JIS & macOS

I know this doesn't cover true JIS layouts, but we wanted to focus compatibility on common Alps layouts while also being constrained by the key sizes that SP currently has due to costing. Also includes macOS bottom row swaps.

Spacebars & 40s

Again, the longer bars will be ABS. Includes complete support for hiney's H60 PCB, as well as 3-key 40s support.

Relegendables & Ortho

For those who want that authentic Pingmaster look. This kit is also designed to be able to cover an ortho board. Due to shrinkage, all relegendable keys will be ABS.


Renders by Kingk22


TGR Jane

Bean by Kingk22


Special thanks to Franco, Kingk22, konstantin, KidViddy, and all the vendors, especially Mike from Mechs&Co.

Social Media

Finally, if you'd like, you can follow me and my other projects on my IG @fredington.

ABS to PBT color matching (longer spacebars and relegendables) complete

PBT molding complete, start of sublimation phase

Production complete, packing commencing.

Looks great! I'm in for everything.

Hope there's still enough alps interest to make things like this a reality.

IO Sam:
Order is in!  :thumb:
Thank you for keeping the Alps flame alive!!!



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