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[GB] SA Maestro Uniform R3 & Sculpted - Colormatching Approved!

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♪ Maestro in SP SA profile ♪
GB Starts Sept. 30 until October 31 November 8, 2021 (extended)

Manufacturer = Signature Plastics
Expected shipping date ≈ Q1 2023  Q3 2023/Q1 2024

♪ Finish/Material = Doubleshot ABS
♪ Made in USA

Colors: WCK (cream), NN (Black) and custom color RAL for the gold/brass accents.


USA: Vala Supply
UK: Proto[Typist]
AS/CN: zFrontier / zFrontier CN
SEA: Monokei
OCE: Switchkeys
CANADA: Ashkeebs


IC Page

SA Uniform R3 Kit
Price $165/CAD$ 211 ♪ Covers many keyboard layouts (from 40% to full size/1800 layout) with minimal ISO Support AND alice-layout support.

SA Sculpted TKL Kit (1-1-2-3-4-3)
Price $145/CAD$ 186  ♪ Covers up to TKL layout with UK-ISO Support.

Sculpted Numpad Kit
Price $39/CAD$ 50  ♪ Including PgDn R1 key for several 1800/full size support

Arrows Kit
Price $19/CAD$ 24  ♪ Compatible with Uniform R3 Kit as well as Sculpted TKL kit

Pedals Kit (Spacebars)
Price $29/CAD$ 37 ♪ Including 3u convex minibars and accent spacebars/minibars (NOTE: the 1u x 2 is concave)

Previous Render album here (Last updated Jul 12, 2021)

Balance by Cannonkeys - Sculpted TKL kit with Numpad kit

J-02 by Proto[Typist] - Sculpted TKL kit

Satisfaction75 by Cannonkeys - Uniform R3 kit

Sunsetter - SA Sculpted Profile with Arrows Kit

TGR Alice - SA Uniform R3

Price $19/CAD$ 24

Minimal design featuring Maestro Logo - Print stitched, 900 x 400 mm.

by 1stGarden - Black border stitched, 900 x 400 mm.


Monokei Metal Keycap (R3)
Price US$ 50

Artisan Cable by RnC Cables
Purchase link here

Y-CP Keyboard Sleeve - Konzertflügel Sleeve
Double-side printed - Price: $25. Covers one keyboard with layout of: 40%,60%,65%,75%,TKL,Fullsize,CP,Alice,1800. Accepting custom sizes!

Shop page here!

- 3 layered fabrics: Water repellant canvas, thick fabric, soft inner fabric
- Inside pocket



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Special Thanks

pwade3 • acitrin • NoPunIntended • All vendors • Signature Plastics/Melissa
also, you!


SA Maestro with SA Polyclear
Be sure to check out SA Polyclear that's on Group buy stage right now until 20th of October!

Thank you Achromous & ImperfectLink!

Please separate novelties from the base kits...


--- Quote from: touch on Mon, 27 September 2021, 05:46:35 ---Please separate novelties from the base kits...

--- End quote ---

Well, this comes a bit late.

I am still a bit surprised by the forced novelty ISO enter. I of course understand there cannot be lots of different ISO enters (and thanks for having one in base in the first place), but I assume people would have been better served with the normal enter key without the *insert English word for squiggly start-of-line music thing here*.

Anyhow, really great to see all the dedication that went into these sets in any case, so best of luck with the buy. Given the current keycaps-environment and the slight divisiveness of the SA profile, I really hope this makes it!


I'm not purchasing any SA kits until I can try the profile out (maybe NK meetup during this GB :eek:), but TBH regarding others comments about removing novelties, i personally like the choice to leave them in, but it might price some folks out. Jo does raise a good point on the forced ISO nov, but I wouldn't hate it if i was an ISO user.


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