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Lunar II
Second generation compact AEK keyboard by Switchplate Peripherals and ai03

Building upon the legacy of the first generation design, Lunar II brings the acclaimed curved design to a more accessible price, complete with an entirely seamless exterior, increased typing comfort, and solenoid support.

For details on the board, please see the IC thread.

Vendor links:
Switchplate Peripherals Unit cap reached
TypePlus Unit cap reached

All units have sold; GB has closed accordingly.
The project will move to manufacturing phase following final confirmations.

Units have begun manufacturing. (09/03/22)
PCBs have finished manufacturing; cases have finished machining and are heading into finishing/anodizing/coating phase. (12/01/22)
Currently waiting on reanodizing for some silver unit ano issues; final packaging and shipment to vendors to follow afterwards. (08/20/23)

GB Specifics

Base kit:
 - 419USD at Switchplate Peripherals (US)
 - 399USD at TypePlus (CN)
Extra PCBs: 39USD each
Extra plates (Alu): 29USD each
Extra solenoid kits: 10USD per pack of 2

- Anodized silver
- Anodized grey
- Powdercoat roughly color-matched to AEK keycap off-white

Plate Options
- Unified backspace
- Split backspace

Launch Time
26th @ 9PM Pacific Time = 27th @ 12PM China Time

Unit Cap
100 per vendor (if that even manages to sell out)

For now, Q2 2023 as a (hopefully) worst-case scenario

Color Renders



Powdercoat Keycap-Matched


Q: Is this the best board to pair with clicky Alps?
A: My personal opinion is "meh" - it has a softer typing feel (for an Alps board) that helps reduce fatigue during extended use and pairs well with both linear and tactiles, but the side-effect is that it somewhat mutes the loudness that clicky Alps are known for.
That being said, it's by no means terrible either.

Q: 100 units per vendor? I'm worried that I won't be able to secure a unit!
A: The unit cap exists to keep the GB within manageable scale of each vendor.
If the board somehow ends up selling out quickly, I'll follow it up with more Alps-specific boards in the future.

Q: Which vendor should I order from?
A: The easiest method is to choose by distance - for example, if located in North America, Switchplate Peripherals would likely offer lower shipping rates.

When does the GB end?


--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Wed, 27 July 2022, 16:35:49 ---When does the GB end?

--- End quote ---

From Switchplate Peripherals: "100 total units available. Group buy will close August 26th 2022, or when all slots are filled. "

Availability update

Switchplate Peripherals has reached their unit cap of 100 and have ended their sales.
TypePlus still has the board available, but is nearing their unit cap.

So I put my order down for a Lunar II. I didn't go for any of the extras. Just curious, say that one day the solenoids eventually go bad, would it be difficult to source another that is compatible with the PCB and case?


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