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Howdy all,

I used to have a really nice mech keyboard, an IBM Model M2 that was originally shipped with something like a PS/ValuePoint ca. 1994. Loved that kbd, drove my gf crazy, though.

It eventually got really dirty, loaded up with all kinds of GKW, so I tore it down for a full cleaning & rebuild. But something went wrong, really wrong, and I wasn't able to reassemble it for some reason.

I ended up junking it. Yeah. Fsck me!

Sooo.. maybe you folks can get me on the right track, putting something together to replace the long-lost M2.

Thanks in advance for any & all help.

Btw, I'm a retired Electronics tech, so I'm not afraid of a soldering project..

Hello. I just joined and I saw your post so I wanted to say hi

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