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Kayvee/Ducky Nordic - novelty items - pics thread

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--- Quote from: Ducky nordic on Mon, 23 September 2013, 17:38:35 ---
--- Quote from: domoaligato on Sun, 22 September 2013, 03:42:37 ---
Is an ansi model coming soon?

--- End quote ---

For now no ansi. But future might bring something nice  :)

--- End quote ---

woo, the future!

Ducky nordic:
Not a commercial item. Made these as a "fan art" as im a fan of Fallout-series. They are for led backlit keyboards but look nice also without leds.

SWEEEET! Fallout, I love this game.
Do you still have those space bars? would you sell one for me? pleeease?  :thumb:
by the way... nice work, amazing nuke cola space bar  ;D ;D ;D

Need one too :) I love that Spacebar so damn much .  :thumb:

someone won a nuka cola spacebar in a contest i thunk.  not sure how many were made, but i'm assuming it was that one in that picture.


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