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I don't know if this thread will be relevant, but here goes...

I decided to switch to my Model M for now...loving the crunchiness.

Work: Filco MJ2 104 with MX Blues
Home: Pure with MX Whites, Orbweaver with MX Blues

I rotate through A LOT of boards though. Yesterday while I was typing my review, I typed on my Leopold with Blues, the QFR with Greens that I still haven't disassembled, and a QuickFire TK with Blues I'm borrowing for a later review.

I'm using my ErgoDox since the day I built it. It feels awesome.

My BlackWidow is connected to my PC, my fiancÚ uses it.
My previous daily driver, blank Das Keyboard lays nearby, I convinced my wife to be, to learn to touch type, blank keyboard is ideally suited to this.
Noppoo Choc Mini waits for better days.

Until my Ducky 9087G2 pro arrives, I'm using an Apple aluminum board   :-[

Work: Realforce 87U 45g

Home: Filco TKL mx brown with PBT keycaps.


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