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What computer games do you play?

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I'm mostly on TF2 now. I used to play 1.6 and CZ competitively.

This is my current TF2 server, so if you play, come stop by sometime!

So what games do you play? (;

Other than some flash games and solitaire I really don't play games.

On the flash games side right now I'm pretty much addicted to Tower defence type of games. Right now that is GemCraft chaper 0 where my score is a little over 3mil.

Been playing Final Fantasy XI for a few years now, though I'll probably be switching over to Aion when it goes live next month.  Took vacation from work for launch week :biggrin1:

I used to play flash games too but it's too easy to hack and things just got really boring after that lol.

Currently working on ArmA2 the most, followed by DCS: Blackshark, TF2, L4D, GRID, COD4, and the list goes on for about 50 more entries.


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