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Title: Hello from Korea!
Post by: redbaron123 on Fri, 21 May 2021, 10:29:47
Hello there. I've been lurking in this website from time to time so I decided to make an account. I am from South Korea and posting this from there right now, but I will probably return to the US in a few months due to university.

I have a decently sized keyboard collection. Unlike what seems to be mainstream thing in the keyboard community, I'm not into tiny boards or even tenkeyless boards. I may get a tenkeyless board someday later sure; but that means I will also purchase a separate keypad, which I do not have yet.
I am not very picky with switches; I can even live with Cherry MX Brown for example. However I think I do have a preference towards switches that are on the slightly heavy side. Cherry MX Black was a bit too heavy though, Kailh Box Blacks seem to be much better (Both in terms of feel and weight). I am also a fan of IBM Buckling Springs.
Maybe I will post what I have soon!

Ganss (Cherry MX Black)
Wang 724 (Alps Black)
Archon AK89 x2 (one w/ Kailh Box Black, one w/ Kailh Box Jade)
Dell AT102W (Alps Black)
Leopold FC900R (Cherry MX Blue)
Unicomp Ultra Classic
MSI GK-701 (Cherry MX Brown)
IBM Model M 42H1292 (Blue badge, late model)
IBM Model M 1390131 (Silver badge, early model)
Two Outemu Blue boards
Abko K990 V3 (Topre Clone)
Some weird Alps clone board

I switch around once in a while; sometimes even a few times during a single day.

At least this is all I can think of now. I think that covered all of the mechanical keyboards I own. Maybe I have 1-2 more.
Also have a few rubber dome boards, such as the IBM KB-8923.

I am planning to collect more keyboards soon; for instance I would like to someday get a 55g Topre board. And a clicky Alps board would be very nice. Vintage boards are hard to get in Korea though.
Maybe I will get another hotswap board and try out some new modern switches. The Archon AK89 I own sadly seems to be discontinued, but there are other options I could find. Something from Hexgears I think... The GMMK is not an option, at least until August which is when I return to America.

Anyway it's nice to be in this place. Good to meet you all.