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Don't think this thread is made so I'll do it, Bogan Caps is a maker from the greatest country of all, Australia and has been making caps since late 2021. He did a interview with the people at artisan collector if you would like to read more about him and his design process.

I would post one if I had one so one of you'll need to start lol (Arium please rig the next raffle I enter for me so I can actually post here...)

Also lightning recommended me to add his website, insta and his catalog in case you want to go to the horrid depths of the aftermarket, which is a good idea condering I should have done at the start lol, but here they are now.

Website -
Instagram -
Keycap Archivist Catalog -

I'll get it started with some:

Halloween fight 1984 Roadkill

Out Cold Blind Bag v1

Trash Bag Blind Bag v1

Coal Medina Blind Bag v2

Haku Geekpora (Alpha Keycaps collab)

Super Soaker Goonblank (Primecaps collab)

Deadbeats Bad Trip

Deadbeats Curmudgeon

Sky Net Blind Bag v1


Sacks n Bollocks Blind Bag v2

Dang diego flexin'
I dug up some older pics of what I've owned.

ingot montoya goonblank

sidewalk chalk goonblank

ecto spasm goonblank

social skulls blindbag v2

abra cadaver blindbag v2 under uv

faeces pieces blindbag v2

garbeige blindbag v2

pog blindbag v2

supersoaker goonblank and bloody beige goonblank*

Absbalutely Not Goonblank

Crip keeper: How High

Last Cause Blindbag v2*

Sacks n' Bollock Blindbag V2

Deadbeats Blindbag V2* and Goonblank

Second sidewalk chalk goonblank (arium cum titty variant)

Bad trip: Ecto Spasm

Koala-Gare Peep Show

Dope maker fo sho

A few more...

Some of my bogan caps  ;D


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