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Caffiene Detox

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The only other related thread on search was 7 years old...

So anyway, has any one done a caffeine detox before? Anyone do it regularly?

I decided to attempt it when I tested my blood and some of it was out of whack among other issues. I had trouble staying up for any length of time aside from early morning, by noon I'd want to go to bed had I not had any coffee. Seeing if a tolerance reset and real sleep would sort it out in about 7-10 days. I'm on day 3.

Pre-day one, had a small coffee (It was actually leftovers from the previous day) because I anticipated the migraines.

Day 1 was painful Migraine day and my Monday, so double **** storm. That was not a fun day. I had trouble at work staying both awake and focused. Chugged a lot of water, > 1 gallon. Slept as soon as I got off work for 11ish hours.

Day 2 Mild migraine, no where near the levels of bad day 1 was. Continued with the water to help me stay awake. Stayed up for a bit after work, slept for 8-9ish hours.

Day 3 Started well, felt a little bit of a headache, but it has since subsided. I had a bunch of food and I'm not tired yet from that either. Not as much water today though, I should get on that.

I should add that I've only been drinking water these last few days, and it feels like my appetite is increased. Maybe just for some type of sugar-dopamine rush. Overall, I have been feeling much better "mentally", I was pretty dependent on that caffeine it seems.

Have any of you attempted it? I honestly thought I'd "relapse" after the 2nd day. I was already bargaining on the first, but the second I kind of forgot about it.

I'm actually really excited to have that cup of coffee at the end of the week or whatever. It'll be like the first time allll over again.

I did this about 15 years ago, and was an occasional coffee drinker since, until about a year ago when I started drinking one cup daily again.

When I realized that I needed to do it, I immediately dropped to one cup (strong) per day. After a week or so, I started making it weaker by perhaps 25% for a week at a time for a few weeks, then dropped it altogether.

Afterwards, I still drank coffee occasionally, but tried to make it a point to not drink it for more than 2-3 days in a row to ensure that I did not become addicted again.

In the near future I plan to break my habit again.

It's a Drug...

So it's a source of dopamine in one's lifestyle.

If you remove this,  for most people,  they'll put something else in there in its place..

If that replacement is xercise, then hurray,    but if its chocolate pudding,  or more western-greasy-foods in general,   then TECHNICALLY, quitting the coffee would only accelerate the common affluence diseases.

Oh absolutely, I agree. Another good reason for me to stop for a moment. As far as its usefulness, I love coffee but the end of the day like you said it's a drug. I have a pseudo-masochistic urge to break myself of these dopamine pleasures often.

Working out can get like that also, you eventually rely on that testosterone (In men, can't speak about women.) and endorphins to keep your mood level.

Fohat, how much coffee do you drink when you do? And TP do you partake in caffeine?

I'm an incredibly heavy Coke drinker with milk nearly being the only other fluid I drink. Occasionally I switch it up, but like, I hate the taste of water so I have a real problem drinking it. "More water" is always on my list of changes to make, but I can never stick with it for more than a couple days at best.


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