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[IC] Faceless65 Keyboard launching Feb. 2nd!
« on: Fri, 20 January 2023, 15:37:49 »
Faceless65: A cute companion for your desk!


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After the success of the Jake60 I wanted to do something more for me since I really enjoyed Spirited Away. This case and pcb was designed by Swiftrax and the art was made by Lang Chen (social media links below).

Typing Angle: 6.5 degree
Acrylic Plate
Interlaid acrylic pieces
PCB: Custom PCB created by Swiftrax
Split left-shift and backspace
Encoder support (top right)
ISO support

For extras I have three desk mats based on food from Spirited Away! I commissioned these to be hand drawn based on reference screenshots from the movie and they are amazing! They will be made by a third party in order to get them to you faster and not have to depend on me to ship them... The size is 36'x18" which is a little bigger than the standard 900x400mm desk mats. I will also be making screw trays with the mask engraved in the middle of them.

Artisan Collabs:
I am excited to share the insane list of artisan makers that are collabing with me on this board!

BKM Caps
Maison of the West
Ato Works
Dad Caps
Save Caps
Lo-ki Studios
Pretty Petite Crafty

Status and Timeline:
Limited fulfillment, pcb's will take (hopefully) 60 days to get made and shipped to me. Shooting for a 90 day turn around from the close of the sale
Sale open from February 2nd to February 23rd (can close early depending on order volume)

Vendor and Pricing:
Digital Carpentry -
Pricing: $150 (includes pcb and hardware)

Special Thanks:
 Lang Chen
 N.A.A. bois for all the hard love and somewhat supportive comments
 Petri Degens for listening to my rambling


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Re: [IC] Faceless65 Keyboard launching Feb. 2nd!
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 26 January 2023, 17:12:25 »
Thank you so much for asking me to collab! Super stoked to see it go live !