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Hi @everyone  (Raffle) Mini bOss & Mini bO_Oss: Neoplasticism (Neo-ism).
Open raffle 22:00 pm (GMT + 7) November 17, 2022
Close Raffle: 21:00 pm (GMT+7 ) November 18, 2022
Form is opened for 24hrs.
I would like to introduce to you the foundation of Neoplasticism art with basic colors and lines that appeared in 1917. With two prominent artists who supported this school, Theo Van Doesburg and Piet Mondriaan. So I want to apply them to Mini bOss & Mini bO_Oss shirt. Produced in limited quantities, you can register to participate in the raffle at the following link:
Video: -----------------------------------------------------------
Thank you for participating and good luck. ❤️
All contact information is available here:



Hello everyone
As expected we will update on March 20, Roses are in the finishing phase and are expected to begin shipping to you by the end of this month, hope you guys like them, you'll get included: keycaps, boxes, nametag.

You can support me to open a GB on Massdrop:

Look at the image you can see to perfect a keycaps in this form need to complete manual processing with 14 steps after casting finished, not to mention damage, so we always have to improve skills, hope you will like them and support us in the future.

GA Gifts shipped March 13

New update: 26/03/2018 on my page:

Thank you for your interest


We shipped the products (Rose) to you today: 28.3.2018, Please check your email after 3 days, The shipping code will be retrieved on the post office:


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