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How does this keyboard sound to you


Hey guys, I recently build my first keyboard ever. However I can't really asses the sound. E.g. the spacebar sounds a bit rattly for me, I am not sure tho.
It's a Glorious GMMK Pro with Holee modded Durock V2 stabilizers, Lubed and filmed TTC Hey switches, switchfilms and a Brass plate. Keycaps are the GPBT in white.

Would be nice if you could give me some feedback to the sound : D
(Disclaimer: my writing is slow :) )

holee mod doesn't really do anything positive on durock v2s.  look up a video on stabilizer tuning

congrats on first board!


--- Quote from: vutid on Mon, 24 January 2022, 23:10:43 ---congrats on first board!

--- End quote ---
Thanks <3

it sounds like a keyboard


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