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Hey all!

In Summer 2021, I started work on my own personal IBM keyboard wiki on my website aptly called Sharkís Wiki. One motivation was the uncertainly surrounding Deskthority and its wiki after their buy-out, but Iíve been wanting to deliver properly referenced content on my site for a while now.

Today, I wanted to share some of the stuff thatís taking shape! My initial aim is to tackle niche or seldom attempted stuff before. For example, my beloved Model M4 buckling sleeve keyboards and keypads, and a comprehensive list of all Model M variants and their defining features (including not only buckling spring Model Ms). The first link below represents that latter list (the largest effort so far), of which a comprehensive list of variants has been missing from the Model M Wikipedia page, and partially Deskthority wiki (until December just gone). Also, I want to deliver stuff on ThinkPad/TrackPoint keyboards as well. Hereís a sample:

* Model M keyboards
* IBM 1052 I/O Printer-Keyboard
* IBM Model M4 & M4-1 Space Saver Keyboard
* SK-8835/SK-884x family pointing stick & UltraNav keyboards
In the pipeline are pages on Enhanced Keyboards (standard 101-105 key Model Ms), Model F keyboards index, Model M6/M6-1 and Model M13. Stay tuned!

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!

Shark has objectively the best and most extensive catalogue of IBM keyboards. His wiki is my go-to for identifying Model M part numbers. Props to this madlad for his dedication to keyboard excellence.

granola bar enthusiast:
interesting to see a lot of info and history about IBM's keyboards to be released to the public, very nice to see

the duck has found a sharkey


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